Global Mobile Gaming Market 2014

Global Mobile Gaming Market 2014

1.) Mobile gaming increases worldwide

A new publication by Hamburg-based secondary research organization, “Global Mobile Gaming Market 2014”, reports that gamers are moving away from consoles and pre-installed PC games toward games on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile games are the fastest growing segment of the video game market as game-playing on mobile devices has become a major activity of Internet users worldwide, slightly ahead of online gaming on PC. Game-playing on mobile device is forecasted to outpace the total online gaming market in terms of growth, increasing by around 20% annually.

Practices and trends in mobile gaming vary by world region.
In the advanced online gaming market of the USA, mobile gaming was spreading in 2013 in terms of popularity, and this trend is expected to persist. Mobile games remained the largest segment in terms of revenue, accounting for around a quarter of the total market.

In Latin America last year, Brazil was by far the largest online gaming market and is forecasted to grow with annual rates of over 20% in the next few years as growth of the Internet and smartphone audience boost the mobile games market. Over half of Internet users in Brazil now play online games, with the largest segment of gamers using mobile devices. In Mexico also most video game aficionados play through a mobile device.

In Europe the trend to mobile is apparent also. In the UK, nearly 20% of the population use the Internet to play video games and the game market there has further growth potential because of the mobile trend. Tablets were the first choice of over a third of mobile device owners to play games in 2013 in the UK, while half of all tablet owners played games. In Germany, consoles and PC are still popular for gaming, but mobile platforms are gaining importance in number of users and time of play, as well as increasing revenues, as mobile devices are making the largest contribution to sales growth. In France, Belgium, Italy Poland and Spain the console and PC were still used by more than half of gamers in 2013, but the mobile gaming is expected to take the lead in the next couple of years.

In Russia, the online gaming market is booming, with further growth expected from the mobile platforms. The number of mobile gamers in Russia is forecasted to increase annually to reach over 60 million in 2016.

The Asian region has the highest number of game players on the globe. In Japan, mobile gaming revenues on smartphones grew five-fold in the last two years, reaching a small one-digit sum in EUR billions. In China, regulation plays an important role in the fast growing gaming industry, which favors local game publishers. Several hundreds of million people play mobile games, with the number growing every year. The share of mobile games on total online gaming revenues is expected to increase significantly in the next four years. In South Korea, mobile gaming is a pronounced trend, led by a messaging app which transformed into a popular gaming platform. Mobile is forecasted to be the fastest growing segment in the gaming industry in India also through the next few years, with revenues approaching that of console.

In the Middle East and Africa, the trend to mobile speeds also. For example, over 10% of mobile users in the UAE download games on mobile. In South Africa mobile gaming outperforms PC online gaming by far, with the revenues differing by several times. In other African countries, such as Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Senegal, mobile gaming is also gaining popularity, with an increasing share of Internet users engaging in this activity on their mobile devices.

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1.Management Summary

•Mobile Gaming Trends, 2014
•Breakdown of the Global Gaming Revenues, by Segment, in % and in USD billion, 2013e
•Mobile Gaming Revenues, in USD billion and in % Year-on-Year Change, 2012-2015f
•Share of Mobile Gaming on Total Video Gaming Revenues, in %, 2012 - 2015f
•Mobile Gaming Revenues, 2013e & 2018f
•Share of Mobile Gaming on Total Gaming Market, 2013e & 2016f
•Mobile Gaming Revenues, in USD billion, by Smartphones, Tablets and Total, 2012, 2013e, 2016f
•Mobile Gaming Revenues, in USD billion, Year-on-Year Growth, in %, Total Number of Mobile Gaming Users, in millions, Number of Mobile
Gaming Users who Pay, in millions and Average Monthly Spending per Player, in USD, by Region, 2013e
•Gaming Activities, Incl. Online and Mobile, in % of Internet Users, Q2 2011 & Q3 2013
•Leading Mobile Gaming Companies with Revenues over USD 100 million, 2013

3. North America

3.1 USA (Top Country)
•Breakdown of Spending on Digital Content for Video Games, in % and in USD billion, 2012
•Breakdown of the Digital Gaming Market, Incl. Mobile, in % and in USD billion, 2013
•Share of Digital Game Content on Total Game Spending, in %, 2010 & 2012
•Mobile Gaming Revenues, in USD million and in % Year-on-Year Change, 2012 - 2017f
•Mobile Gaming Revenues, in USD million, by Download, In-Game and Ad-Supported, 2012 - 2017f
•Number of Gamers, by Mobile, Online Casual and Social Gamers, 2010 - 2014f
•Number of Online and Mobile Gamers, by Groups, 2013 & 2017
•Number of Mobile Phone Game Users, in millions, in % of Mobile Phone Users and in % of Population, 2012 - 2017f
•Average Monthly Revenue per Player, by Game Type, Incl. Mobile Game App, 2012
•Breakdown of Mobile Games Played Most Often, by Type, in %, 2013
•Top 15 Games on iOS, Ranked by Estimated Daily Revenue, 2013

3.2. Canada
•Devices Most Frequently Used for Playing Games, in % of Gamers, 2013
•Breakdown of Revenues of Canadian Video Gaming Companies, by Game Type, Incl. Mobile, 2012

4. Latin America

4.1. Brazil (Top Country)
•Breakdown of Online Gaming Revenue, by Segment, Incl. Mobile, in %, 2013
•Number of Monthly Average Users of Mobile and Social Games, in millions, and Revenue, in USD million, 2013e
•Types Access Used for Mobile Games, by Apps, Mobile Browsers and Both, in % of Smartphone Owners, September 2013

4.2. Mexico
•Video Gaming Revenue, in MXN billion, 2011 & 2012 and Devices Used for Gaming, in % of Gamers, 2013

5. Europe

5.1. Europe (Regional)
•Share of Players Who Pay for Mobile Games, 2012

5.2. UK (Top Country)
•Mobile Gaming Revenues, in GBP million, 2011 & 2012
•Mobile Game Spending, in GBP million, 2010 & 2013f
•Share of Tablet Owners Who Play Games on Tablet, in %, 2013 and Mobile Devices Used the Most for Playing Games, in % of Users, 2013
•Breakdown of Total and Daily Mobile Gamers, by Gender and Age, in %, April 2013
•Breakdown of Users Who Purchased Mobile Games and Who Download Mobile Games for Free, by Platform, in %, April 2013
•Breakdown of In-Game Purchases for Mobile Games, by Type, April 2013

5.3. Germany (Top Country)
•Number of Mobile Games Sold, in million, Sales, in EUR million, and Average Game Price, in EUR, by Games for Mobile Phones and Smartphones, Games for Mobile Consoles and Total, H1 2012 & H1 2013
•Number of Online Gamers, by Game Type, Incl. Game Apps, in millions, 2013
•Devices Used for Playing Games, in % of Gamers, 2013
•Devices Used Most Frequently for Playing Games, by Used Daily and At Least Once a Week, in % of Gamers, March 2013

5.4. France (Top Country)
•Breakdown of Frequency of Usage of Devices for Gaming, by Device, in % of Gamers, 2013

5.5. Russia (Top Country)
•Gaming Revenues, by Segment , Incl. Mobile, and Total, in USD million, 2010 - 2012
•Share of Online on Total Gaming Market, in %, 2010 - 2012 and Breakdown of Online Gaming Market, by Segment, Incl. Mobile, in % of Total Gaming Market, 2010 - 2012
•Number of Mobile Gamers, in million, 2012 & 2016f

5.6. Belgium
•Number of Gamers, by Platform, in millions, Incl. Smartphone and Tablet, 2013 and Share of Gamers Who Pay for Games, in %, 2013

5.7. Italy
•Number of Gamers, by Platform, in millions, Incl. Smartphone and Tablet, 2013 and Share of Gamers Who Pay for Games, in %, 2013

5.8. Netherlands
•Breakdown of Video Gaming On Different Platforms, by Frequency, in % of Gamers, 2013
•Share of Device Owners Who Purchased Games and Virtual Goods for Games, by Tablet and Smartphone, in %, July 2013

5.9. Spain
•Number of Gamers, by Platform, Incl. Smartphone and Tablet, in millions, 2013 and Share of Gamers Who Pay for Games, in %, 2013

6. Asia-Pacific

6.1. Japan (Top Country)
•Breakdown of Total Gaming Revenues, by Segment, Incl. Online Games for PCs and Smartphones, in % and in JPY billion, 2012
•Mobile Gaming Revenues, in JPY billion, 2011 & 2012

6.2. China (Top Country)
•Breakdown of Online Gaming Revenues, by Segment, Incl. Mobile, in %, 2013e & 2017f
•Mobile Gaming Revenues, in CNY million, 2012 & 2013e
•Number of Mobile Gamers, in millions and in % of Mobile Internet Users, 2012 & 2013
•Gaming Platforms Played on Weekly, in % of Gamers, 2013

6.3. South Korea (Top Country)
•Gaming Revenues, by Segment, Incl. Mobile Games, in KRW billion and in % Y-o-Y Change, 2011 - 2015f
•Share of Mobile Gamers on Mobile Phone Users, in %, 2012

6.4. Australia
•Devices Used for Playing Games, Incl. Mobile, in % of Households in Which Individuals Play Games, 2013

6.5. India
•Gaming Revenues, by Sector, Incl. Mobile, in INR billion and in % Year-on-Year Change, 2012 - 2017f

6.6. Taiwan
•Number of Gamers, by Platform, Incl. Smartphone and Tablet, in millions, 2013 and Share of Gamers Who Pay for Games, in %, 2013

7. Middle East & Africa

7.1. South Africa (Top Country)
•Mobile Gaming Revenues, in ZAR million, 2012, 2013e & 2017f

7.2. Ethiopia
•Frequent Online Activities, by Performed on a Computer and Mobile Phone, Incl. “Gaming", in % of Urban Internet Users, 2012

7.3. Ghana
•Frequent Online Activities, by Performed on a Computer and Mobile Phone, Incl. „Gaming", in % of Urban Internet Users, 2012

7.4. Nigeria
•Frequent Online Activities, by Performed on a Computer and Mobile Phone, Incl. “Gaming", in % of Urban Internet Users, 2012

7.5. Senegal
•Frequent Online Activities, by Performed on a Computer and Mobile Phone, Incl. “Gaming", in % of Urban Internet Users, 2012

7.6. UAE
•Share of Mobile Users Who Download Games on Mobile, by Frequency, in %, 2010 & 2012

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