Water Meters: Global Market Forecast and Trends 2012—2018

Water Meters: Global Market Forecast and Trends 2012—2018

  • March 2014 •
  • 218 pages •
  • Report ID: 2061555
A comprehensive commentary and market analysis and forecast for water meters, 218 pages, total market forecast for every country, detailed analysis on 93% of the global market, 201 tables and charts.

StatPlan Energy estimates the 2014 global water meter market to be worth $2.6 billion. By 2018 it will have increased by 13.2% to just over $3 billion. Smart meters will gradually take share of the total market by value, increasing from 13% to 18% over that time. The smart meter “revolution” is slower to gain traction than many expected, but there are better arguments for smart water than for smart gas.
Our country by country analysis covers approximately 80% of the global market for water meters. Regional and global analyses take account of smaller markets as well.
We provide data on residential meters (individually identifying billing, prepayment, sub meters and smart meters), meters for apartments and small commercial buildings, meters for ICI (Industrial, Commercial, Institutional), Bulk Transfer/Custody Transfer meters and network management (non-custodial) meters. We present the analysis in unit terms, $ value terms and ASPs.
An excel database of the key numbers is available at a small extra cost, but is not available separately from the report.

This is the third of a series of reports and databases on electricity, gas and water meters. The principal author is Euan Blauvelt, who as a seasoned observer of the metering sector has for 25 years been a leading authority on the industry. Many major players in the market have embraced his work over the years.

StatPlan Energy has set out to raise the bar for market intelligence in the sector, by expanding our source base, adopting improved analysis and forecasting techniques and delivering reports better suited to market needs.
That means our market analysis is more robust and our forecasts are more grounded in fact. These are the reasons we consider our series of reports represents a step forward from bland assumptions of linear growth over time—it doesn’t necessarily work like that.
20+ newly constructed, comprehensive databases of infrastructure growth and product adoption in all major markets from the early days of energy and water development form the foundation of our work. These took many months to compile and require constant attention, but they ensure accurate and truly insightful intelligence, with the capability to predict future trends in demand.

Key elements of our forecasting model include:

- Recognition of the importance of asset replacement as well as new installations. The timing of the need for replacement varies dramatically country to country, creating different demand curves. We are able to plot how, both in the short and long term, geographic rotation of demand can be followed. We account not just for the installed base, but when it was installed.

- Recognition of trends in adoption of piped water, especially in developing markets; these strongly influence future growth of the water meter market.

- Recognition of the varying mixes of residential, commercial and industrial end points by country—we do not adopt a “one size fits all” to this. We account for population trends and household development (they do not go hand in hand) to more accurately plot end point demand.

- Recognition of the pressures on the water industry caused by water scarcity and the potential for meters to be part of the solution.

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