Utilities Infrastructure Security Market Forecast 2014-2024

Utilities Infrastructure Security Market Forecast 2014-2024

  • March 2014 •
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Top Companies Providing Surveillance, Perimeter Defence, Operational Technologies & Endpoint Cyber Security

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The security of utilities infrastructure has always been important for governments and operating authorities alike, particularly after the events of the early 21st century. Yet now more than ever, there is renewed emphasis for protection as a result of the way in which cyber security issues have come to dominate new security thinking and planning in this sector. Certainly, whereas before most utilities considered themselves unlikely to suffer major damage from anything except nature, in the present threat environment every essential service component, from the most physically secure nuclear facility, to local water distribution sites, is within reach of anonymous attack via computer networks. Fresh awareness of this vulnerability is currently enabling security growth in areas which previously had little motivation for additional security expenditure. Meanwhile in other regions, great opportunities will continue to present themselves for providers of physical security, who will benefit from the large scale infrastructure investment plans of major economies the world over. Accordingly, the utilities infrastructure security market is one which is considered to be entering a period of relative prosperity, with a global value of $8.4bn expected in 2014.

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