Pharmacovigilance and Related Developments: Industry and Market Analysis 2014-2024

Pharmacovigilance and Related Developments: Industry and Market Analysis 2014-2024

  • April 2014 •
  • 146 pages •
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  • Format: PDF
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Post-marketing surveillance for medicines – discover trends, outlooks, and revenues
Where are pharmacovigilance and related needs heading? For those pharmaceutical testing studies you get new analysis, also exploring sales predictions. You unlock that medical industry. And you assess its results, trends, technologies, prospects, and opportunities.
Visiongain’s updated report forecasts those revenues to 2024 at overall world market, regional, and national level. There stay ahead in data, benefiting your influence. And hear about gains for patients, doctors, healthcare providers, and companies.
Read on, then, to explore assessments of drugs in use, also finding those services’ future commercial value.

Analyses exclusive to that study, discussing the most important needs and potentials

Demand rises for those testing, data storage, and monitoring operations. There our study benefits your plans, decisions, and authority by interpreting medical needs, regulations, and companies’ efforts. Save time and effort.
And you see what’s happening in surveillance of pharmaceuticals, assessing likely challenges, events, and gains. In particular discover prospects for phase IV clinical trials, contract research organisations (CROs), and pharmaceutical companies.
And in those analyses you get data found nowhere else. Our forecasting system goes to the core of sales potentials in those drug safety assessments, showing revenue predictions.

Our report gives 36 tables, 35 charts, and interviews with three companies. There you discover historical results, growth rates, market shares, discussions, and forecasts.
And the following sections show how our new investigation helps you stay ahead.
National markets – what outlooks for service demand and provision?
What’s the commercial potential of post-marketing studies for medicines? For those testing activities our work forecasts overall world spending to 2024.

Our report also gives you individual forecasts to 2024 for 12 national markets:

- United States (US)
- Japan
- Germany, France, UK, Italy, and Spain (EU5), also with EU regional prediction
- Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC nations), and South Korea.
Stay ahead, then, for information. There you find regions and countries with highest demands, spending, and potential sales growth. Explore progress, needs and opportunities.
Also what events, challenges, and advances in technology affect that industry and market? Our work shows you, discussing progress, policies, and trends influencing that pharma field.

Market forces, events, and issues – developments influencing pharmacovigilance

Find what’s happening. Our new report explains issues, processes, and events affecting that industry and market from 2014, including these:
- Reporting systems for adverse drug reactions (ADRs) – their present and future, including data on reported and recorded events by year and region
- Drug approval moving towards post-marketing studies, inc. advances in therapies
- Safety monitoring using reporting from social media – explore possibilities in big data
- Improvements in data collection and communication leading to more-flexible drug approval processes – changing routes of marketing authorisation
- Strengths and weaknesses of procedures and practice in 2014, and how pharma regulatory affairs can progress there to 2024.
And it discusses these trends and influences, among others:
- Policies of national and international bodies, and regulators’ roles in present and future pharmacovigilance programmes
- Companies in business process outsourcing (BPO), software providers, regulatory consultants, and contract research organisation (CROs)
- Prediction of overall pharma R&D spending and its effects on that drug monitoring
- Collaboration between the FDA and EMA, and application of pharmacogenomics and biomarke