Global market review of denim and jeanswear – forecasts to 2023

Global market review of denim and jeanswear – forecasts to 2023

  • December 2018 •
  • 71 pages •
  • Report ID: 2238325
This ever-popular report summarises the global production and market consumption of denim jeanswear worldwide. We have refreshed and updated the 2017 edition, in particular we’ve re-written the executive summary, completely updated the world jeans market chapters and data, and the concluding industry trends and issues chapter.

Chapter 1 sizes the global market retail value. Data is broken down into regions and both historic and forecast year-by-year estimates are provided. Data is also split by broad product price bands to provide a sense of where the value is spread.

In this edition of the report, just-style has combined the idea of fashionability with that of price, in the form of a price-fashion matrix. Fashionability is a very subjective issue in clothing, and no more so than in the jeans sector. What is one person’s commodity, a five pocket Western jean, may be high fashion to another because of a change to cut, such as straight leg, or skinny, or flared. The fashionability categories covered are:
• Functional
• Authentic
• Fashionable
• Brand afficionado

The report then covers the category in much the same way as retail value, but by market volume. In this chapter it also focuses on key markets, including the US, Brazil, Russia, India and China. Interestingly, the world jeans market size will break through the 2 billion pairs barrier during the forecast period.

Chapter 3 focuses on the supply chain, covering:
• Supply chain models
• Top manufacturing countries
• Jeans imports
• Denim capacity by country
• Major mills worldwide
• Denim imports and exports
• Cotton prices

It then profiles the key jeans product types and looks at latest consumer, design, technology CSR and business attitudes, trends and issues.