Tariff Trends SnapShot 41 - French Mobile Pricing Update

Tariff Trends SnapShot 41 - French Mobile Pricing Update

  • December 2014 •
  • Report ID: 2577626 •
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The TCL Tariff Trends SnapShot #41 (Series 2015) French Mobile Pricing Update.
In SnapShot 41 (2015 Series), TCL analyses the latest changes in the French mobile market, which has seen the most intense price competition since the launch of the 4th French MNO, Free Mobile in January 2012.

SnapShot 41 follows on from SnapShot 2 (November 2012) & SnapShot 26 (October 2013), both of which looked at the developments in the French market following the launch of Free Mobile – this latest SnapShot considers whether low pricing is sustainable in France, the attempts being made to add extra value through new services & the results of price competition on the market.

1.Introduction – The French mobile market – radical change since 2012
2. Examples of price competition in the French mobile market
3. New pricing initiatives in the French mobile market
4. Pricing changes in France – since 2012
5. Conclusion – The outlook for French mobile pricing

Key companies mentioned in this SnapShot include:
Bouygues Telecom, Carrefour Mobile, Free Mobile, Orange,
SFR, sosh & Virgin Mobile.