Analysis of the Global Web Conferencing Market : Collaboration Convergence and Mobile-first Focus Lead to New Market Synergies

Analysis of the Global Web Conferencing Market : Collaboration Convergence and Mobile-first Focus Lead to New Market Synergies

Executive Summary

•The global web conferencing market is going through a combination of maturation and reinvention providing several growth drivers. Application convergence, cloud, mobility, and social technologies are transforming the landscape resulting in groundbreaking technology shifts that are empowering users with greater productivity benefits than ever before.
•The move from audio-only meetings to web and video conferencing along with a growing emphasis on product design and usability is setting a strong growth track for web conferencing adoption.
•Organizations are finding that “vanilla” web conferencing solutions are inadequate and are recognizing the need to deploy more comprehensive productivity tools. Users are demanding convergence of communication silos. Growth will primarily be driven by a strong shift to all-in-one collaboration solutions that are embedding synchronous and asynchronous communications.
•The growth forecast for the web conferencing market is healthy but it will not materialize without significant transformation in the industry. Future success hinges on how quickly vendors simplify the increasingly complex collaboration products landscape.
•Bring-You-Own-App (BYOA) is leading to a proliferation of non-sanctioned applications forcing IT to evaluate user-led solutions in its decision-making process. This is turning technology users and line-of-business heads into key influencers.
•Technology shifts in the future will focus on integration of web conferencing with two emerging areas –rich content sharing and management capabilities that directly address the growing content chaos and deeper analytics capabilities.
•While the market remains concentrated in the hands of few vendors, market shares continue to shift. Adobe, Citrix, LogMeIn (, PGi, among others are staking bigger claims in the market bridging the gap with the market leader Cisco.

CEO’s Perspective

As the collaboration landscape gets increasingly complex, there is a greater focus on simplification and application convergence.
Online meetings are becoming more than “one and done” events—the focus is on continuity of collaboration even after the meeting has ended leading to the emergence of always-on virtual workspaces.
Mobile is not an afterthought anymore. A mobile-first focus requires rethinking the user experience and ensuring rich functionality that is optimized for mobile devices.
A slew of disruptive innovators are taking on incumbents by offering cheaper and better solutions for the low end of the market.
Promoting awareness about the solutions, use cases, and implementation continues to be a challenge.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer

Is the market growing, how long will it continue to grow, and at what rate?
What are the key factors that will drive growth? Are there significant restraints that will hold the market back?
How are the key competitors positioned today and how is the landscape evolving?
How will the structure of the market change with time? What are the key trends?
How will web conferencing evolve over time to address changing user needs?
Executive Summary
Market Overview
Total Web Conferencing Market
•External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints
•Forecast and Trends
Hosted Web Conferencing Services Market Breakdown
Hosted Services—Channel Trends for CSPs
On-premises Web Conferencing Market Breakdown
Market Share and Competitive Analysis
Profiles of Key Competitors
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