Global Market for Base Metals

Global Market for Base Metals

  • January 2015 •
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The global market for base metals comprises of aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, nickel and tin. Base metals are used commonly in industrial and commercial applications and are cheaper than precious metals like silver, gold and platinum. Base metals are found in abundant in nature and are inexpensive, at the same time being invaluable to the global economy.

The global economic recession during 2008-2009 saw a sharp decline in the performance of the global base metals industry. Since then, the industry has been going through steady expansion and the market is expected to grow at a good pace up to the forecast period of 2018. The US is the leading market for base metals globally. It is likely to remain the front runner in coming times as well. While the US base metals industry grew substantially, the, Canadian and Mexican industries declined during the same period. Copper sales proved to be the most lucrative segment for the North American base metals industry in 2013.

In the Asia Pacific region, the Chinese base metals industry posted good growth along with the South Korean base metals market as well. Copper remained the most lucrative sector for the Asia Pacific base metals industry during 2013 as well.

In Europe, the market for base metals grew at a strong rate after 2010, recovering from a sluggish period of growth since 2008. Copper sales remained the most lucrative in Europe as well, followed strongly by nickel.

The largest market for copper is building construction (pipes and wires), followed by electronics and electrical products, transportation, industrial machinery and consumer products.

Aruvians Research analyzes the global base metals market in its research report Global Market for Base Metals. The report is a complete coverage of the base metals industry in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America including and analysis of the base metal industry in key countries in these regions.

In this in-depth research offering, we begin with a definition of what base metals are, followed with an industry definition.

An analysis of the global market for base metals is carried out through an industry overview that includes various industry statistics, an analysis of industry value and volume and a segmentation of the industry through categories and also by geography. An industry outlook till 2018 completes this section.

This report on the global market for base metals includes an analysis of the global base metals industry through the analysis of the base metals market in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. All the markets are analyzed through industry statistics, market value and volume analysis, industry segmentation and an industry outlook. Data analyzed in the report ranges from 2009 to 2018.

Key markets analyzed in the report include: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Mexico, Russia, South Africa and the United States. Each market is analyzed through an industry overview, an analysis of the market value and volume, industry segmentation by both category and geography and an industry outlook.

Competition in the global base metals industry is included in the report, followed by an analysis of the major industry players. Companies are analyzed through a corporate profile, an analysis of the business segments, an analysis of their major products and services, a financial analysis and a SWOT analysis. The report includes an analysis of 26 industry players.