Outdoor performance apparel: peaks, valleys, and green fields

Outdoor performance apparel: peaks, valleys, and green fields

  • January 2015 •
  • 54 pages •
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  • Format: PDF
“Outdoor is a metaphor for freedom, adventure, adrenalin, extraversion, creativity, dynamism, and personal power.” Mike Lipkin, president of Lipkin/Environics

Report extract: Outdoor brands have benefitted from the overall casualisation of apparel, while maintaining a “cool” factor based on an implied lifestyle of adventure, leisure, and sport. The pricing of high-end technical apparel makes these brands aspirational, while the mid-level and mass market brands benefit from outdoor apparel’s cachet."

Worldwide sales of outdoor apparel in 2013 were over US$25bn, driven by double-digit growth rates in emerging markets.
In 2014, the outdoor industry is at a crossroads, challenged by changing demographics, sourcing issues, and competition from the active sportswear industry. The small specialty retailers who represent the heart and soul of the industry are threatened by big box chains, the digital revolution, and the apparel brands who are now marketing directly to the consumer.

This report examines the current status and future prospects of the outdoor industry, identifying leading brands and retailers, and the most promising markets for future growth. It looks into innovative marketing concepts and efforts to diversify on the part of industry brands and retailers, and features the opinions of several industry stakeholders. It also illustrates how the outdoor apparel market will increasingly overlap the active and lifestyle apparel segments, as it continues to grow in relevance and value.
This report provides essential information, including:

- Clear explanation of the varying categories of outdoor apparel
- Overview of market performances worldwide, highlighting growth trends
- Financial summary of the top 40 leading outdoor retailers worldwide
- Financial summary of the top 70 leading outdoor brands worldwide
- Latest materials, technologies and ingredients trends
- Wearable technology in the outdoor garment sector
- An assessment of future growth consumer segments
- Predictions for the future of the outdoor apparel category
- Interviews with PrimaLoft, Triple 2, OIA, Nau, Terramar Sports, Adidas Outdoor USA, Mammut, Columbia/Prana, Schoeller Textil, Heapsylon, Zensah, Chia Heir Group, Concept III, Sitip

“Brands constantly need to enhance the way they position themselves online so they are user friendly, engaging and resonating with target consumers. The entire mobile experience from start to finish must be efficient enough to keep consumer’s attention, but appealing enough to establish brand loyalty.” Greg Thomsen, managing director of Adidas Outdoor USA.