Global Medical Robotics Market Outlook 2018

Global Medical Robotics Market Outlook 2018

  • February 2015 •
  • 70 pages •
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Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy is becoming the standard of care in urology, accounting for about 85% of all prostate operations in the United States. According to Intuitive Surgical, hysterectomy and other procedures, such as gallbladder removal and kidney surgery, are also driving the growth in robotic operations.

According to our report, the “Global Medical Robotics Market Outlook 2018”, is currently worth US$ 3.2 Billion and will grow up to US$ 6.4 Billion by 2018. The report provides an overview of the total robotics market and its two main segments, which comprise Industrial Robots and Service Robots.

This is followed by the present role of robotics in the healthcare industry along with the various pros and cons of integration of robotics. Segmentation of the market has been performed on the basis of the application areas as well as geographic location. The report talks about three major application areas that include Surgery, Rehabilitation, and Hospital & Laboratory. On the basis of geographic location, the market has been segmented into the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Rest of the World.

It also talks of the various application and technological trends that have been a part of the industry. Some of these trends include a rise in uptake of robotic technology at universities and hospitals due to their non-invasive nature, growth of Rehabilitation Robots in the era of increasing elderly population and more.

The market will be subjected to various drivers as well as challenges which will mould it and will be responsible in determining the role robotics will play in the healthcare domain in the future. It is expected that the numerous advantages offered by the integration of robotics into healthcare will continue to propel the growth of the market. However, the high cost of surgery, negative publicity, and wariness among people will continue to challenge the growth. The report highlights on more such drivers and challenges.

This is followed with the key players of the medical robotics market. For every player, a brief business overview, geographic revenue break-up, and segment-wise revenue break up along with key financials has been provided. A strength and weakness analysis of every player has also been presented to assist the investors in developing an understanding of the strategies of the players. At the end, a section has been dedicated to the future outlook, which discusses the various upcoming robotic technologies which will further help in easing healthcare processes. Overall, the research contains exhaustive information that will help clients in formulating market strategies and assessing opportunity areas in the medical robotics market.