Analysis of the Diesel Generator (Genset) Market in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania : Burgeoning Gas Industry Threatens Genset Growth

Analysis of the Diesel Generator (Genset) Market in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania : Burgeoning Gas Industry Threatens Genset Growth

  • February 2015 •
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Key Findings

• The majority of end users in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania purchase their diesel generators (gensets) for use in standby operations. However, due to the frequent power failures to which these countries are subjected, the gensets are utilized a large proportion of the year.
• The rental power market in East Africa is not well developed. A majority of users are not aware of this type of service or the benefits associated with it.
• These countries are currently experiencing high levels of GDP growth, which is expected to continue in the future, possibly accelerating if governmental initiatives to increase competitiveness are successful. Consequently, the demand for power is anticipated to increase dramatically during the forecast period.
• High levels of growth for the working age population are expected in these countries. As a result, the market size and demand for electricity are expected to increase concurrently.
• Cheaper gensets have flooded the low-power band segment of the market in these countries, but many units are of poor quality and frequently break down, creating mistrust among consumers who now favour well-established brands.
• Recent discoveries of gas fields in East Africa have generated high levels of interest and investment in the required gas infrastructure. Ambitious plans are being drawn to generate large amounts of electricity from this resource, which is likely to increase the availability of electricity and reduce the cost of power; as a result, demand for diesel gensets in the investigated countries will more than likely decrease.

CEO’s Perspective

Demand for electricity in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania is set to increase dramatically due to high economic and population growth.
Brand loyalty is extremely high in all countries.
The exploitation of gas finds in East Africa are set to fundamentally change the electricity landscape. Diesel genset manufacturers should consider adding gas generators to their product offering.

Geographical Scope
• This research service covers the diesel generator (genset) market in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Product Scope
• Diesel generators are generally grouped by the power they can producing and are available in the following categories:
• 20 to 75 kVA
• 75 to 375 kVA
• 375 to 750 kVA
• 750 kVA to 1,000 kVA

Application Scope
• This research service focuses on diesel generators used for both primary and standby applications. Gas gensets are not included in this research.
• Petrol generators are generally small, producing less than kVA. These products are not used extensively in industry and fall outside the scope of this research.
• The information gathered during the course of this research was obtained from both secondary and primary research.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer

What is the current state of the diesel generator market in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania?
What are the main drivers, restraints, and industry challenges in each of the 3 markets investigated?
What criteria do end users use in order to asses the suppliers of generators and their products?
What kind of opportunities exist for suppliers and manufacturers of generators to gain a competitive advantage?