Canadian ICT Competitive Activity Update: 4Q14

Canadian ICT Competitive Activity Update: 4Q14

  • March 2015 •
  • 14 pages •
  • Report ID: 2835785 •
  • Format: PDF

This IDC update provides Canadian ICT executives with a review of notable corporate announcements, recent market entrants, new alliances, and new service offerings from the recent research period and discusses implications that may affect the Canadian ICT industry moving forward.

Highlights from this update include:

  • Corporate announcements: The trend toward large tech behemoths breaking up into multiple entities gained traction in 4Q14. HP, eBay, Compuware, and Symantec made this leap to gain the focus, agility, and innovation needed to compete more effectively on the 3rd Platform. Symantec's announcement essentially unravels its 2005 Veritas acquisition and its vision of delivering a universal/integrated security, storage, and IT operational platform.
  • Organizational changes: Breaking up struggling organizations is one path to attacking the changing competitive dynamics of the 3rd Platform, and the other is an aggressive acquisition path of the necessary technologies and/or intellectual capital. Some companies have tried one path and then ended up choosing the other. In 4Q14, HP CEO Meg Whitman -- who resisted the calls to "break up" since she took the helm not too long after the Autonomy acquisition -- finally agreed the time was right for HP to move forward as two entities rather than one.
  • New acquisitions and partnerships: Along with the restructuring, acquisition, and divestiture strategies the leading players are employing to stay competitive, many of them are also reevaluating the effectiveness of their partnership strategies. Recently, we have seen a number of announcements that at one time might have been surprising: IBM and Microsoft, Microsoft and, IBM and Apple, and BlackBerry and Samsung. One partnership announcement that underlines the extent to which partner strategy is changing to conform to 3rd Platform realities is the one struck between Microsoft and Dropbox.
  • New solution offerings: The final quarter of the year tends to be a little lighter on new solution offerings, and not surprisingly, those that were made were centered around the 3rd Platform solutions, specifically mobility, cloud, and big data. For IDC, one of the more interesting announcements came from Samsung (which has struggled in its core hardware business recently). The company made a bold but calculated bet on investing in enterprise-grade support services for mobile solutions with its new 360 Services for Business offering.

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