Global Flood  Infrastructure Services Market

Global Flood Infrastructure Services Market

  • April 2015 •
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Paradigm Shift from Structural Flood Control Measures to Integrated Flood Management Solutions Establish Market Dynamics

The global flood infrastructure services market insight highlights flood mitigation and recovery solutions adopted across 4 primary regions: the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Europe. The research outline aspects of flood infrastructure planning, project implementation, and country hot spot dynamics. Further, it offers specific insights on historic disaster events, statistics, and flood management solutions incorporated for flood case scenarios, then highlights flood management plans, case studies, and financial coverage anticipated for future disaster events in specific regions across the globe.

Key Findings

-Global Paradigm Shift from Structural Flood Control Measures to Integrated Flood Management Solutions oA wave of realization will strike the majority of developed countries across the globe, shifting focus towards integrated flood management solutions that provide robust and strategized flood control plans. Europe and the Americas lead the market with innovative and advanced flood forecasting and warning techniques while Asia-Pacific (APAC) and the Middle East and Africa (MEA) continue to struggle with financial and political conflict.

-Unique and Custom Business Models Set to Rule the Global Flood Infrastructure Services Market Based on Regional Preferences oMost countries that face the threat of flooding are bound to adopt a unique flood control model suitable for local niche requirements. Flood insurance will gain significance in the developed regions of Europe, the Americas, and Australia while APAC and MEA’s preference will be towards structural measures owing to irregular flood patterns in these regions. Flood forecasting and warning will gain pertinence in Europe, the Americas, Australia, and certain regions of APAC.

-Competitive Landscape: Interesting Mix of Companies in Size and Global Coverage with Specific Products for Extreme Wet Weather Events oSecure partnerships between municipalities, disaster relief agencies, and providers of niche-enabling solutions and services for water supply are pursuing coordinated disaster management, which will strengthen the service and value-add offering.