Key Focus Areas for Driving Interface Systems for Passenger Cars

Key Focus Areas for Driving Interface Systems for Passenger Cars

  • April 2015 •
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Leveraging Electronic Innovation to Enhance Vehicle Dynamics in Manual and Automated Modes

New developments in terms of the increasing consumer need for better ride and handling have shifted the focus from chassis development to safety, data recognition, and real-time information by utilising maps from GPS navigation systems, image recognition based on cameras, LIDAR and radar, and data points acquired via V2V and V2I communications. In addition, there is growing interest in autonomous driving systems. Through integrated control involving the cooperative inter-operation of these technologies with chassis control systems, numerous OEMs and tier 1 companies are developing systems that further enhance road safety, performance, and driving comfort, as required by present-day consumers.

Research Aims and Objectives

-To monitor current and future market trends around vehicle driving interface systems, features, and technologies.
-To understand key market strategies in terms of existing driving interface technologies and to decipher future technologies.
-To comprehend the trends in this space to determine future focus areas for growth.

-To provide a strategic overview of driving interface technologies in the PV market, including key R&D trends, market drivers and restraints, and adoption goals.
-To identify market development trends for driving interface technologies in the PV space by OEM and by region from 2014 to 2025.
-To supply an analysis of disruptive technology alerts and an analysis by type from 2014 to 2025.
-To develop new technology insights and decipher technology visions for the future.