2015 Strategies in the US Nucleic Acid Testing Market

2015 Strategies in the US Nucleic Acid Testing Market

  • May 2015 •
  • 1157 pages •
  • Report ID: 2977937 •
  • Format: PDF


  • Comprehensive 1,157-page

    Market Segmentation Analysis

    of the US NAT market.
  • Major issues pertaining to the US NAT laboratory practice, as well as key economic, regulatory, demographic, social and technological trends with significant market impact during the next five years.
  • An extensive review of DNA probe and biochip technologies, test formats, detection methodologies, trends in testing automation and amplification methods.
  • Five-year test volume and reagent sales forecasts for the following categories:
                 - Infectious Diseases
                 - Cancer
                 - Forensic Testing
                 - Genetic Diseases
                 - Paternity Testing/HLA Typing
  • Review of testing methodologies and instrumentation technologies.
  • Feature comparison of automated and semiautomated analyzers.
  • Sales and market shares of leading suppliers.
  • Over 60 specific opportunities for NAT instruments, test systems, IT and auxiliary products.
  • Profiles of major suppliers, and emerging market entrants, including their sales, product portfolios, marketing tactics, technological know-how, new products in R&D, collaborative arrangements and business strategies.
  • Alternative market penetration strategies.
  • Potential market entry barriers and risks.
  • Business planning issues and concerns.

Contains 1,157 pages and 65 tables