Japan Internet of Things Market Strategy Analysis of IoT Global Key Players 2015

Japan Internet of Things Market Strategy Analysis of IoT Global Key Players 2015

  • June 2015 •
  • 16 pages •
  • Report ID: 3044917 •
  • Format: PDF

This IDC study focuses on foreign vendors who provide products and services to enterprise customers in the Japan Internet of Things (IoT) market to analyze their efforts in this market. Further, this study also analyzes the efforts made by foreign vendors in IoT to compare their similarities and differences with Japan-origin vendors in terms of Japan IoT market entry.

As the Japan IoT market grows continuously, foreign and Japan-origin vendors forming this market are heading toward any of these three directions; expanding implementation in industry, increasing implementation objectives and applications, and expanding implementation equipments and areas. IDC expects business relationship between foreign vendors and Japan-origin vendors shows two relationships that are growing more distinct. One is mutually complementary relationship within an ecosystem and another is indirect competitive relationship between ecosystems.

"In order for foreign vendors to deploy their business in the Japan IoT market, it is vital for them to develop businesses that take the balance between scale and localization into consideration, promote pre-built IoT oriented security features, and step-up awareness-raising activities related to security. Whereas, for Japan-origin vendors to deploy their business, it is essential for them to form ecosystems that harness their "home-court advantage", and to clearly outline a business model that embodied the spirit of 'fail fast'," says Yuta Torisu, communications market analyst, IDC Japan.

This is a translation of the Japanese document IDC #J15040103 and is summarized to reduce the gap in time since the original version was published.

All of the following sections are, however, fully translated:

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  • Methodology
  • Definition
  • Past Data Revision
  • Executive Summary
  • Essential Guidance
  • Synopsis