SaaS-Based Billing Accelerates the X-as-a-Service Future for Enterprise 

SaaS-Based Billing Accelerates the X-as-a-Service Future for Enterprise 

  • July 2015 •
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SaaS-Based Billing Accelerates the X-as-a-Service Future for Enterprise


Taking a cue from the communications marketplace concerning customer touch and service personalization, businesses in every industry are improving the experience of their customers. They are doing this by placing mobility services into existing product lines, and by offering what were once considered “products” as subscription-based services.

While the former has been a subject of other Stratecast reports2 in the recent past, and remains an essential element of the long-term evolution strategy for most companies, it is the latter—products delivered as subscription-based services—that are making headlines. Within the transportation industry, for example, the traditional automobile purchase has evolved to leasing plans, car rentals, and most recently, Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS)—an on-demand, by-the-minute service, for meeting short-term transportation needs. TaaS has been offered by several automobile manufacturers for more than three years.

Unlike the popular Uber taxi service, TaaS provides use of a car similar to a car rental service, but at finer tuned increments (hours/minutes), and with guaranteed parking spaces in urban settings. Cars are available via customer programs including BMW DriveNow, Daimler car2go, and Ford GoDrive among others. These services are available in multiple cities across both Europe and North America. Microsoft Office is another example of a product turned service.