Design-driven Innovation - Impact on Consumer Market 

Design-driven Innovation - Impact on Consumer Market 

  • September 2015 •
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Design-driven Innovation - Impact on Consumer Market
Gain Competitive Edge with Radical Innovations

Design-driven innovation (DDI), a strategic management concept is gaining momentum in creation of new products as well expanding application base across industries. The future of design-driven innovation and its market impact will be related to organizations’ ability to gain competitive edge. From offering next-generation portable super computers, smart devices, next-generation display technologies, flexible and wearable electronics, design-driven innovations are expected to have a high impact across various sectors in the consumer market. This market segment is expected to be significantly influenced by design-driven innovation concept. Though design-driven concept has garnered interest in multiple industries, some of the beneficiaries considered for the study include consumer electronics, consumer retail market and automotive and transportation. This research service covers the impact of design-driven innovation across consumer market segments.

Key Findings

Significance of DDI
Design-Driven Innovations is considered as the gateway for radical innovations in the consumer market. o DDI aids in identifying and addressing the hitherto unmet needs of customers, which conventional solutions failed to meet.

Radical Technology Push
Various strategies are being adopted by organizations in the consumer market to create radical innovations in their respective industries. o Companies are investing heavily on research and development and offering reliable technology platforms, aiming to optimize value for customers.

DDI in consumer market
Although customer feedback is considered by consumer electronics OEMs in the development of a new product, the organizations primarily focus on developing a radical innovation which would gain acceptance by the end-users upon commercialized.