China Phosphorus Industry Data Report

China Phosphorus Industry Data Report

  • September 2015 •
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This data report is written based on part of CCM's phosphorus reports in 2014, which mainly includes production, price and import & export data of major phosphorus products (phosphorus ore, phosphate fertilizer and yellow phosphorus) in China to tell you their market dynamics in the past three to five years, and bring you important reference information for your decision.

China plays an important role in the international phosphorus industry, and it's a big producer and exporter of phosphorus products. However, most of its export phosphorus products are traditional and primary ones, which belong to resource-oriented export. All high-purity and high value-added phosphorus products rely on import.

In 2014, it produced 45.5% of phosphorus ore with only 5.5% of the global phosphorus ore reserves according to the data from the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS). As phosphorus resources are irreplaceable and become scarcer, every country has adopted protection measures on it.
- Morocco has the most phosphorus ore reserve, accounting for more than 70% and only 13.64% of the total phosphorus ore reserve and output in the world respectively in 2014.
- The US had adopt protection measure (limited phosphorus ore export and import phosphorus resources largely) as early as the 1980s, and its output of phosphorus ore decreased greatly, from 40,600,000 tonnes in 1999 to 27,100,000 tonnes in 2014.
- As the largest phosphorus ore producer, China had also begun to adopt quota system to phosphorus ore since 2008. What has changed for China’s phosphorus ore production and export?

The major downstream demand of phosphorus ore comes from phosphate fertilizer production. About 70% of phosphorus resources are used for it. China, the US and Morocco are the three largest phosphate fertilizer producers in the world. While China, India, the US and Brazil are the major phosphate fertilizer demanders and they consume about 67% of the world's total.

After years of developing and expanding, China realized self-sufficiency in phosphate fertilizer, and has also been the largest phosphate fertilizer producer and consumer. Both the domestic and overseas’ demand will influence China’s phosphorus fertilizer market.

Besides, China produced about 80% of yellow phosphorus of the world's total. What was the market like?

This report will answer these questions with a simply but clear way. It gives detailed analysis to some key market information of phosphorus industry in China, which is as follows:
- Distribution of phosphorus resources in China and in the world;
- Production, price and import & export of main phosphorus products (phosphorus ore, phosphate fertilizer and yellow phosphorus) in China;
- Top producers of main phosphorus products in China.

Companies Mentioned

Yuntianhua Group Co., Ltd., Guizhou Kailin (Group) Co., Ltd., Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group Co., Ltd.