Strategic Analysis of the Vehicle-sharing Technologies Market 

Strategic Analysis of the Vehicle-sharing Technologies Market 

  • September 2015 •
  • 74 pages •
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Strategic Analysis of the Vehicle-sharing Technologies Market : Virtual Keys and Automated Driving Solutions Will Be the Driving Trends in the
Vehicle-sharing Technologies Market

Key Findings

Growth in the adoption of standalone smartphone vehicle-sharing solutions and consolidations between the vehicle-sharing stakeholders will form the crux of the vehicle-sharing market in the coming years.

Vehicle-sharing Technologies Market: Key Takeaways, Global, 2014

RFID technology is likely to be more prevalent in the short to medium term; however, in the medium to long term, majority of the industry will be moving toward NFC-/QR-/BLE-based technology. In the future, vehicles will be accessed through multiple channels and technologies, ranging from RFID-based smartcards to NFC-/BLE-enabled smartphones.
Almost % of the key carsharing operators (CSO‘s) in North America and Europe use opensource software and RFID-based in-car hardware solutions. Technology is yet to penetrate the emerging markets, and only about % of the CSO‘s have taken up to the technology.
Open source software solutions are flexible, customizable, and can be easily integrated with the CSO‘s existing business models when compared to the proprietary solutions. The market is likely to move toward open-source software solutions with providers like Invers and Vulog taking the lead.
In 2015, major consolidations between leading CSO‘s and technology companies (Zipcar and LocalMotion, Enterprise Holdings and Metavera) occurred. This trend will continue in the short term to allow CSO‘s achieve economies of scale and compete with OEM‘s.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer

- How will the vehicle-sharing technology market evolve in 2015 and beyond?
- What are the key events affecting growth of vehicle-sharing technology providers?
- Who are the key participants dominating vehicle-sharing technology market?
- How will the technology evolve?
- What are the drivers and challenges for the growing vehicle-sharing technology market?