Agrow Non-Crop Pesticides 2016

Agrow Non-Crop Pesticides 2016

  • November 2016 •
  • 137 pages •
  • Report ID: 3387428 •
  • Format: PDF
This fully-revised and update Agrow Non-Crop Pesticides 2016 report provides data on market sectors, companies and products, weed control, disease control, control of insects and other pests, plant growth regulation, and formulations.

In 2015, the global non-crop pesticides market accounted for 11% of the total pesticides market and indications are that this is on the rise. Also increasing is the interest in the use of biopesticides in non-crop sectors is increasing.

Sales into the non-crop pesticide sectors comprise a significant portion of the overall market for agrochemicals. However, care should be taken by product end users as many organisations and publications use inconsistent segmentation that may cross sectors identified in this report.

Product end users include consumers, growers, power companies, railways, golf courses and professional applicator companies. The latter also offer services that present opportunities to capture value in downstream sectors from new and off-patent active ingredients.

Also highlighted in this report are the research and development-intensive agrochemical majors and large generics, and the sectors within which they operate, as well as the specialist non-crop companies and those with wider consumer brand portfolios.

While strong performance on target weeds, pests and diseases is essential, valuable market opportunities exist to provide easy-to-use formulations in innovative packaging and to emphasise products’ environmental credentials.