Analyzing the Global Wind Turbine Market 2015

Analyzing the Global Wind Turbine Market 2015

  • November 2015 •
  • 215 pages •
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Wind generation has been growing at a healthy average globally over the last few years, triggered by the fact that more and more countries are realizing the value of wind energy as a low cost, clean source for electricity. This has helped create major new business opportunities for manufacturing and materials innovation in this sector. Driving the wind industry forward is political action in response to climate change.

For the last ten years global wind turbine sales have grown approximately by nearly 30% annually and wind power is now the world's fastest growing source of energy. For the next twenty years it is expected to expand at double-digit rates.

The global wind turbine market is dominated by a small number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), but market competition is increasing as new OEMs enter the industry. Manufacturers are developing the next generation of wind turbines in the US and Europe. Government support of markets in Europe, India, China and other emerging markets has been largely responsible for burgeoning sales, providing manufacturers with cash flow to conduct private development efforts. European manufacturers currently supply most of the world market for utility-scale wind turbines and therefore provide the majority of the private investment in research and development.

The report begins with an introduction to wind power and looks at wind power technology, electricity generation from wind and accommodating the variable nature of wind power.

We analyze the wind turbine industry through the importance of wind power, evolution of wind turbine industry, market overview, global wind power industry statistics, and an analysis of the global offshore wind power industry through a regional breakdown.

Analyzing the Global Wind Turbine Market also analyzes wind turbine technology through generation technology, weight and cost, offshore wind turbine technology and the expected evolution in wind turbine technology.

Operation and maintenance of wind turbines is analyzed in the report along with the materials used in current wind turbines. The report also looks at the power and size of wind turbines along with a look at small wind systems, large wind turbines, mega wind turbines as well as micro wind turbines.

Moving on, we analyze how a wind turbine works through an analysis of the components of wind turbines, production methods, architecture of a modern wind turbine and design drivers for modern wind turbine technology.

A section is dedicated to the analysis of small wind turbines that looks at markets and applications for small wind turbines, commercial small wind turbine technology, isolated applications, hybrid systems, grid-connected systems and applications, technology trends along with recent developments.

Global wind turbine industry market facts are analyzed along with key market trends, demand side statistics and other factors. The report also analyzes the impact of the credit crunch on the global wind turbine industry as well as a cost analysis of wind turbines.

Wind turbine market opportunities in Europe, United States, China and India are looked at in the report.

We also analyze the industry trends such as competitive trends, trend of globalization, factors affecting wind turbine demand, primary customers for wind turbines, etc.

An analysis of the wind turbine supply chain looks at the current situation and specific conclusions for key components and materials in the supply chain through blades, gearboxes, electric generators, large bearings, power converters, power transformers, castings and forgings. OEMs in the wind turbine supply chain are also analyzed in the report.

A forecast for the global wind turbine market and wind power industry through future technology trends and a region-wise forecast is included in the report.

An analysis of the leading industry players segmented by global manufacturers of wind turbine generators, global gear box makers, global generator makers and global wind turbine blade manufacturers is provided in this report. Some of the major players analyzed in the report include ABB Ltd., Acciona, Enercon, Nordex, Suzlon Energy, Vestas Wind Systems, Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Tech Co Ltd, amongst many others.

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