Medical Affairs Reputations in Oncology (EU5): Oncologists Rate Key Products and Companies

Medical Affairs Reputations in Oncology (EU5): Oncologists Rate Key Products and Companies

  • December 2014 •
  • Report ID: 3509628 •
  • Format: PDF

As the cancer drug market continues to face significant challenges in an environment of rising R&D costs, value-based pricing, demands for real world evidence and tougher regulation, the role of Medical Affairs teams in oncology working across the major markets of Europe – France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK; EU5 – becomes ever more critical.

Honing performance through smarter delivery, higher quality interaction, and effective communication with oncologists is vital for ensuring optimal performance levels of Medical Affairs teams.

In Medical Affairs Reputations in Oncology (EU5): Oncologists Rate Key Products and Companies, FirstWord provides robust insight on the performance and level of physician satisfaction with Medical Affairs teams representing 12 products in 4 key indications – Breast Cancer, Melanoma, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) and Renal Cell Carcinoma – across Europe’s most important markets.

Using proprietary analytics, EdgeMap and Need-Gap analysis, FirstWord offers important advanced analysis of the latest physician opinions on Medical Affairs that is both timely and critical for success in today’s oncology drugs markets.

Key Benefits

Gain insight into how EU5 oncologists and haematologist-oncologists rate Medical Affairs teams in the areas of Breast Cancer, Melanoma, NSCLC and Renal Cell Carcinoma
GUnderstand the key issues for which physicians require Medical Affairs team support
GLearn which attributes physicians value most in relation to Medical Affairs team services
GIdentify which marketed and pipeline products were rated highest across numerous measures
GContrast and compare performance of Medical Affairs teams on multiple parameters – services, brand, indication and country
GDetermine which media and frequency of interaction is perceived most positively
GBenefit from FirstWord's proprietary advanced analytics, EdgeMap and Need-Gap, to identify relative competitive positons and opportunities to develop advantage
GDetailed multi-level comparative analysis of European Medical Affairs teams versus their US counterparts

Report Features
Filled with charts and up-to-the-minute survey analysis, this report offers:

Precise and timely EdgeMap and Need-Gap analysis of oncologists' perceptions of Medical Affairs teams highlighting good and bad performance and identifying key areas for improvement
Overview of key rankings for eight marketed and four pipeline products
Examination of physicians' current touch points with Medical Affairs teams
Key findings regarding the attributes of Medical Affairs teams physicians value most and least
Comparative analysis of EU5 and US Medical Affairs teams at brand and attribute levels

Get Answers to Key Questions

How do oncologists perceive the role of Medical Affairs teams in the areas of Breast Cancer, Melanoma, NSCLC and Renal Cell Carcinoma?
How do physicians use the services of Medical Affairs teams?
What is the optimal frequency of interactions between Medical Affairs teams and physicians?
Within the competitive landscape of the EU5, what is each product’s position in terms of Medical Affairs services and support?
Which attributes of Medical Affairs teams are most likely to drive competitive advantage?
Which drugs provide the best service and claimed the highest ratings for Medical Affairs support?
What are the opportunities for corporate and brand positioning, and communication?

Key Takeaways
Medical Affairs teams, Marketing Directors and Competitive Intelligence units can use this report to:

Precisely analyse physician needs and areas of concern
Improve team responsiveness and traction with oncologists
Deliver more effective messaging and tackle areas of weakness
Provide accurate, scientifically up-to-date product information in the areas of the most need
Understand how competitors are performing, where their performance leads or lags that of your team, and how big the gaps are
Tailor interaction frequency, media and approach

What is EdgeMap Analysis?
This report includes advanced analysis of oncologists’ perceptions of Medical Affairs teams collected via an online survey. EdgeMap analysis, a proprietary analytics tool, provides an integrated, comparative analysis of the competitive set of products and attributes being evaluated in the study. It offers an overview of the market and provides a clear portrait of each product’s position within its competitive environment

What is Need-Gap Analysis?
This report includes slides that provide advanced analysis of oncologists’ perceptions of Medical Affairs teams collected via an online survey. Need-Gap analysis, a proprietary analytics tool, pinpoints areas of unmet need and provides valuable guidance on opportunities for corporate and brand positioning, and communication.

Key Fact: Interviewing Methodology
Data was collected via a 15-minute Internet-based questionnaire.

Key Fact: Sample Distribution
210 medical oncologists and haematologist-oncologists across EU5 participated in this study.

Key Fact: Screening Criteria

Have been in active practice between 5-35 years
Devote at least 50% of time to direct patient care
Have had direct interaction with a medical affairs professional in the past 6 months for at least one of the listed products

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