2017 The Global Multiple Beverage Marketplace

2017 The Global Multiple Beverage Marketplace

  • January 2018 •
  • 314 pages •
  • Report ID: 3543008 •
  • Format: PDF
This research report from Beverage Marketing Corporation offers worldwide and country trends.

It includes volume, growth and per capita consumption statistics for eleven major beverage categories. Each category is considered in its own chapter as well as in the context of the overall marketplace. Developments by beverage type and country round out the coverage provided in this comprehensive international report.

The answers you need
Put the world into perspective with this research study that looks at international alcohol and non-alcohol beverage trends across key sectors.

Questions answered include:
• How do various countries around the world compare in overall and average consumption of beer, carbonated soft drinks, milk, tea, wine and other beverages?
• How large is the global sports beverage market? What about the energy drink market?
• What impact have developments in the large and growing Chinese market had on categories such as beer and distilled spirits?
• How have the rankings and output of the leading coffee producing nations changed?
• How do various countries’ market share rankings compare? Which country’s consumers lead the world in bottled water consumption? Which leads in beer?
• What will consumption statistics look like for each beverage category by 2021?

This multiple beverage industry report features a comprehensive overview of the international beverage marketplace and includes:
• A summary of developments in the major categories and gives a bird’s eye view of the commercial beverage industry as a whole.
• Discussion of current industry trends as well as a break-down of the industry down by volume by beverage category, including per capita consumption figures.
• Concise discussions of each basic beverage type. Coverage of beer, bottled water, carbonated soft drinks (CSD), coffee, distilled spirits, energy drinks, fruit beverages, milk, sports beverages, tea and wine.
• Beer production and consumption volume, growth and share by country.
• Bottled water global consumption, share and growth by country.
• Carbonated soft drink consumption and per capita data by country.
• Coffee production and consumption by country.
• Distilled spirits trends and consumption data by country.
• A look at the size and growth of the global energy drink market.
• Fruit beverage trends and country-by-country consumption data.
• Details on fresh, whole cow milk production and growth by country as well as fluid milk consumption trends by country.
• An overview of worldwide sports beverage volume and growth.
• Tea production and consumption trends by country, plus per capita consumption statistics.
• An overview of wine production and consumption by country.
• Beverage Marketing’s volume, per capita consumption and compound annual growth projections for each beverage group.
• Analysis of the forces determining each category’s future are also included in this international market report.