Management of Health Information - Trends and Innovation 

Management of Health Information - Trends and Innovation 

  • December 2015 •
  • 74 pages •
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Management of health information - Trends and Innovation : Laying the Foundation for P4 Medicine

With the increase in quantity and complexity of data and the diversity of their formats, the market is witnessing several innovations in health information management system to keep up with the trends and user demands. Healthcare and Information Technology (IT) are the two largest industries in terms of market size, size of innovation ecosystem, funding, and innovation activities. Health information technology brings together these two industries and compounds the potential for innovations and game-changing business tools. The report covers how the health information is managed by combining healthcare with advanced information technologies, such as big data analytics, cloud computing, predictive analytics and augmented reality. It also explains how effective management of health information paves the path for P4 medicine.

Key Findings

With technology advancement leading to data generation at lower cost (genomic data) and growing population, the volume of patient data is increasing and it is difficult to manage them using traditional methodologies. Information technologies such as big data analytics and cloud computing are used for managing these complex and voluminous health data.
The health data, such as patient health records, imaging records, genomic/omics data are vital information and effective management can help in healthcare advances like providing quality treatment and monitoring, drug/target discovery, management of health insurance and much more.

The management of health information is driven by the need for precision medicine. Also, the health reforms are driving efficient health information management.
- However, high infrastructure costs and issues with privacy and security still are bottlenecks associated with healthcare data management.
In the future, there will be a need for improved analytics for the management of more complex healthcare data generated from advanced medical technologies.
- Integration of various types of data for better analysis and insights is expected to take place in he future.