Contact-Free Monitoring - Enabling Technologies & Emerging Opportunities (Technical Insights) 

Contact-Free Monitoring - Enabling Technologies & Emerging Opportunities (Technical Insights) 

  • December 2015 •
  • 49 pages •
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Contact-Free Monitoring - Enabling Technologies & Emerging Opportunities (Technical Insights) : Monitoring every moment without physical presence

Contact-free monitoring (CFM), an emerging technology domain is likely to impact applications related to automation, digitalization and smart devices. This technology aids in monitoring and detecting motion of a moving object or human activity. CFM employs advanced sensors to monitor properties such as temperature, vibration, speed, phase, velocity and direction of the object. CFM introduces new dimensions to healthcare market by effectively measuring patient movements, pulse rate, heartbeat, sleep timing and many other vital parameters. The report captures advanced sensor technologies used for contact-free monitoring such as Micro Doppler sensor, Thermography sensor, Micro Wave sensor and Fiber Bragg Grating. The main application of contact-free monitoring is automation; however the technology finds use in many new sectors such as Health Care, Industrial Process Control, Automotive & transportation and Aerospace & Defense. Smart cities, smart house, Internet of Things also enable faster adaption of contact-free monitoring. The research service focusses on covering emerging opportunities of contact-free monitoring. The modules of the report include: technology significance, current trends, applications landscape, enabling technology and emerging opportunity assessment.

Key Findings – Enabling Technology and Application Impact

Sensors play a key role in facilitating adoption

Sensor technology has advanced to an extent that it now plays a vital role in many application segments such as Health care, Aerospace, defence, Automotive and transportation. Sensor technologies are used for monitoring, tracking and detecting purpose, thereby helping us analysing object and activities.

-Contact-free monitoring is an enterprise system that embeds multiple applications to monitor and provide solutions without touching the object or humans.

Contact-free monitoring finds potential use in health care applications where there is a need for continuous and real-time monitoring of patients. This improves the quality and accuracy of the treatment. Moreover, Contact-free monitoring is enabled by wireless communication, touch-free technology, advanced sensors, and smart devices.

Application Impact

The impact of contact free monitoring in applications areas such as healthcare and security industry is immense and is expected to delivers numerous benefits to the users.

-Applications which are majorly impacted in the healthcare industry include monitoring patient activity in hospital beds, analysing their’ physical conditions and their response to medical treatment.

-Future applications of contact-free monitoring in this industry would include analyzing, monitoring, and recording details about the specific body functions such as, functioning of heart, blood profile, pulse, brain activity, kidney, and liver.

-Contact-free monitoring is expected to have a high influence in the security industry for applications such as tracking of speeding vehicles, detecting driver information from vehicles, remote monitoring of vehicles, monitoring cargo movement, and remote tracking of illicit cargo activity