Country Report Cote d%Ivoire July 2011 Main report

Country Report Cote d%Ivoire July 2011 Main report



Outlook for 2011-12

Monthly review

SOURCE: Country Report

Outlook for 2011-12: Political stability

Outlook for 2011-12: Election watch

Outlook for 2011-12: International relations

Outlook for 2011-12: Policy trends

Outlook for 2011-12: Fiscal policy

Outlook for 2011-12: Monetary policy

Outlook for 2011-12: International assumptions

Outlook for 2011-12: Economic growth

Outlook for 2011-12: Inflation

Outlook for 2011-12: Exchange rates

Outlook for 2011-12: External sector

Outlook for 2011-12: Forecast summary

The political scene: The backlash increases against Mr Gbagbo's supporters

The political scene: The ICC launches a war crimes investigation

The political scene: Legislative elections could take place in 2011

Economic policy: The 2011 budget is a stop-gap measure

Economic policy: Major economic reforms are postponed

Economic performance: Oil exports collapse in the first half of 2011

Data and charts: Annual data and forecast

Data and charts: Quarterly data

Data and charts: Monthly data

Data and charts: Annual trends charts

Data and charts: Monthly trends charts

Data and charts: Comparative economic indicators

Basic data

Land area


Main towns


Weather in Abidjan (altitude 20 metres)




Financial year


Public holidays

Political structure

Official name

Form of state

Legal system

National legislature

National elections

Head of state

National government

Main political parties

Key ministers

Governor of the regional central bank (BCEAO)

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