Location Attractiveness, a talent perspective: Evaluation of Various “Emerging Economies” for potential set-up of shared service centres”

Location Attractiveness, a talent perspective: Evaluation of Various “Emerging Economies” for potential set-up of shared service centres”

  • January 2016 •
  • 159 pages •
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GrowthPraxis has come up with a report, “Location Attractiveness Evaluation of Emerging Economies for potential set-up of BPO/Shared service centre”.

The main objective of the report is to identify the countries along with their major cities which can offer adequate talent for the potential setup for BPO centers. The countries analysed in the study include Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Key findings from the report:
- Russian BPO market is very fragmented. Although the Russian IT industry has considerably escalated in the last 10 years the BPO industry has not been able to grow at the same pace. The BPO industry in Russia started to grow after 2000. Currently xxx professionals are working in the BPO Industry. Most of BPO market players appeared in Russia only in 2000
- Ukraine is an attractive location for offshore/near-shore companies. Although started in early 2000, the BPO wave came to Ukraine after 2005. Kiev is the established location for BPO. However Lviv and Kharkiv are the emerging destination for BPO. Ukraine has a large number of contact centres catering to the local market. Lviv is an emerging destination for F&A and HRO work as companies like Nestle have established their shared service centres.
- Employment of Male versus Female in the BPO industry in Ukraine is 30:70. Employment in BPO sector in Ukraine is expected to grow at xx% in the next five years with an expected growth of xx% in the voice segment.
- The UAE and the Saudi Arabia are the two largest BPO markets in the Middle East region and together represent three-quarters of the market. The Middle East BPO market is estimated at $xx bn and growing at about xx%
- Sri Lankan BPO industry has 40+ companies involved in Outsourcing activities of which xx% provide onshore services, xx% provide off shore services and xx% provide both on shore and off shore services. Of the 40+ BPO companies; approximately xx% offer only Non Voice related work, xx% on only Voice related work, and other xx% offer both voice and non-voice services.

Key benefits of the report:
- Enables global talent benchmarking: the study enables to execute a plan of global hiring strategy across multiple countries for BPO industry.
- The report helps in location attractiveness assessment based upon talent pool availability
- The report gives access to comparable historical data and forecasts for major BPO skills at city and country level.

Through a combination of primary and secondary research, an exhaustive list of relevant companies was generated and based on revenue and FTE criteria, a desired sample set of companies for each country and domain was arrived at to get desired coverage. The mapped companies were analyzed to evaluate talent at the domain level/skills level.

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