Dr Pepper TEN: The difficulties facing "not quite diet" carbonated soft drinks

Dr Pepper TEN: The difficulties facing "not quite diet" carbonated soft drinks

  • January 2016 •
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Dr Pepper TEN was conceived as a mid-calorie soda, i.e. a soft drink with improved health claims but which does not compromise on taste. The product was launched with a controversial marketing campaign that was male-focused. As Dr Pepper Snapple wanted to expand the mid-calorie concept to its other brands, TEN was repositioned to make it more inclusive. However, sales have remained disappointing.

Features and benefits

* Understand what Dr Pepper TEN is and the market it targets.
* Analyze the marketing campaign used to launch the mid-calorie variant of Dr Pepper and how ultimately, it proved to be damaging.
* Assess why mid-calorie sodas have struggled to find a niche.


Dr Pepper TEN began as a 10-calorie version of Dr Pepper soda aiming to deliver more healthy content while retaining enough of the standard ingredients to retain the original flavor. TEN grew into a wider platform encompassing 10-calorie versions of all Dr Pepper Snapple's main brands. It remains on sale but has generally undershot expectations.
The market for mid-calorie beverages has proved challenging; consumers remain more likely to buy full diet versions or go outside the category.
TEN suffered prolonged fallout from the early male-centric marketing; it drew ridicule, alienated women, and used a "manliness" cliché that damaged equity among men too.

Your key questions answered

* What is Dr Pepper TEN?
* Who are mid-calorie sodas aimed at?
* Have mid-calorie sodas been successful?
* What does the future hold for health-oriented sodas?

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