Reverse Costing of Wolfson WM7121 & WM7132 Top & Bottom Port Microphones

Reverse Costing of Wolfson WM7121 & WM7132 Top & Bottom Port Microphones

  • August 2014 •
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Set of 2 Reports Highlighting MEMS And Packaging Technologies Of Wolfson Microphones

Before its acquisition by Cirrus Logic for $467M in April 2014, Wolfson Microelectronics released a series of analog and digital MEMS microphones with revenues growing 70% from 2012 to 2013.

A teardown of Motorola Moto X smartphone revealed that from the three microphones integrated two were coming from Wolfson Microelectronics, the remaining one using an Infineon technology. Wolfson's WM7121 and WM7132 are respectively top and bottom port analog MEMS microphones.

Assembled in specific LGA cavity packages, both microphones use a capacitive sensing principle based on Wolfson proprietary MEMS technology.

One of the main interest of Wolfson's MEMS technology is the use of silicon nitride (SiN) instead of polysilicon for the transducer element. According to Wolfson, silicon nitride delivers lower stress and strain coefficients, leading to higher reliability.


- Detailed Photos
- Precise Measurements
- Material Analysis
- Manufacturing Process Flow
- Supply Chain Evaluation
- Manufacturing Cost Analysis
- Selling Price Estimation

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