Emerging Trends and Opportunities in Food Waste Management (TechVision)

Emerging Trends and Opportunities in Food Waste Management (TechVision)

  • March 2016 •
  • 53 pages •
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Emerging Trends and Opportunities in Food Waste Management (TechVision) : Effective food waste management models for eliminating food wastage

Food waste management has gained increased emphasis in recent times, especially in the context of the recently adopted United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The initiative is driven mainly by the need to address declining natural resources, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to reduce waste disposal into landfills. The current study gives an overview of food waste management including global trends and regional activities, discusses various solutions for food waste management, gives an idea about various pathways that could be adopted, and innovative technology and management solutions. Emerging business models for food waste management have been identified and Porter’s Five Forces Analyses were done for the various food waste management path

Key Findings for Emerging Trends and Opportunities in Food Waste Management

Opportunities in food waste management have been around for a few decades, but recently, they have attracted a lot of attention globally. This is attributed to global awareness and mandates on food waste reduction.

Conventional treatment technologies such as anaerobic digestion and composting, though most preferred, are not ideal for treatment of unspoiled food, which could be utilized for other purposes. Food waste itself has potential to be the feedstock for a number of valuable products.

A supportive policy climate and government support exist for food waste reduction in the European and North American regions, which have set targets to reduce food wastage.

A number of waste management models are prevalent, enabling food waste management. The appropriate food waste management strategy varies depending on the particular waste generation scenario.

A major challenge in food waste management is the scarcity of properly functioning storage and recycling facilities. The number of storage and recycling facilities is quite low compared to the amount of waste generated.