Next Generation Stent Technologies (TechVision) 

Next Generation Stent Technologies (TechVision) 

  • March 2016 •
  • 55 pages •
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Next Generation Stent Technologies (TechVision) : A Strategic Review of the Global Stent Market

The coronary stent market is in the midst of tremendous change. The declining popularity of bare-metal stents have opened up opportunities for the next generation of stents to occupy the market share. This research service identifies possible areas of innovation available for stent companies to leverage and differentiate their products in a highly competitive market. This research service will act as a guide for medical device, materials, pharmaceuticals and contract manufacturers looking for possible opportunities in the stent market.

The Essence of the Research Service

The stent market is in the midst of tremendous change, as the first generation of stent products (bare metal stents or BMS) are being replaced by newer generations. In this change, the foremost candidate is the drugeluting stents (DES), which are fast-occupying the declining market share of BMS.

The stent market is witnessing a tremendous amount of convergence of material, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical device companies? expertise. This convergence is spawning product design innovations and replacing older generation of stent products, particularly the bare-metal stents.

The global stent market is powered by an ageing population, and an increasing incidence of coronary diseases. Alternative and conventional options such as open heart surgery and coronary artery bypass grafting are highly invasive procedures, which carry risk, increase medical costs and necessitate prolonged hospitalization.

The biggest limitation of the DES market is its inability to overcome clinical concerns such as persistent restenosis inside the stent and the need for long-term post-procedural dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT). DAPT can add to medical costs to the patients and puts them on the risk of side effects from the medicines. Patients who are at bleeding risks are ineligible to such therapies.

Most innovations in the stent market are expected to revolve around the design improvements on three fronts: stent platform design, stent coatings and the type of pharmaceutical agent added to the stent product