Waste Management Market in India 2014 - 2025

Waste Management Market in India 2014 - 2025

  • September 2014 •
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The new Indian Government is launching “Swachh Bharat Mission” or “Clean India Mission” which aims to mobilize masses and seeks to create a clean India. The aim of this mission is to motivate Indian citizens to devote at least hundred hours every year i.e. two hours every week to keep their homes and neighborhood clean. This birth of this mission underlines the urgent need of improving waste management scenario in India where public apathy towards proper waste disposal is a major hindrance. This may lead to more opportunities for existing and new players in this market as Indian Government is also looking at public private partnership (PPP) model to tackle waste problem.

Waste Management Market in India 2014 - 2025 report launched by NOVONOUS finds that waste management market is expected to be worth US$ 13.62 billion by 2025. Indian municipal solid waste (MSW) management market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.14% by 2025 while e-waste management market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.03% during the same period. India has planned to achieve a capacity of 2.9 million hospital beds by 2025 which will help bio medical waste management market to grow at a CAGR of 8.41%.

India, being one of the most populated countries in the worlds as well as one of the most rapidly developing country, is the source of a humongous amount of waste per annum, be it the municipal solid waste, hazardous waste, biomedical waste or e-waste. According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), the average solid waste generated in Indian ranges from 0.21 to 0.5 kg per capita per day.

This report discusses the various scenarios prevailing in waste management market in India. This research found that traditional waste treatment techniques like dumping, direct landfilling, direct burning etc. seem unviable with the decreasing land sites for waste dumping as well as the severe environmental pollution resulting from them. Hence, this industry is coming up with innovative techniques to treat these varied forms of wastes like waste to energy technologies, vermicomposting, bioremediation etc. Also, with the relevant regulations, guidelines and procedures in place, there are still a lot of lacunae in the efficient implementation of the same.

India needs more investment in waste management sector as current recycling technologies are not readily available to most of the players. Most of the waste recycling plants are running under capacity and hence not getting enough waste to recycle. Though central government has allocated funds for clean India, how sates and urban local bodies (ULB) will get benefit out of this will only reveal in future.

This report finds that due to the large amounts of wastes generated, this industry is experiencing a steep growth trend with the mandate from government’s side for appropriate waste treatment, support for generating of energy from these wastes, increasing public-private partnerships, increasing investments from various fund sourcing agencies, world organizations like UNESCO, WHO etc. and various subsidies and incentives from both central and state government.

This report provides waste management insights, growth drivers and inhibitors, current & future trends, future forecasts for municipal solid wastes, biomedical wastes and e-wastes till 2025, challenges, analysis, profiles of key players and recommendations for this sector.

This report has detailed profiling of fifteen waste management players in Indian market which are: Attero Recycling Pvt Ltd, BASIX Municipal Waste Venture Ltd, Concept Biotech, E-R3 Solutions Pvt. Ltd., G.J. Multiclave (Pvt.) Ltd., Eco Birdd Recycling Pvt Ltd, EcoCentric Management Pvt. Ltd., Passco Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited, Synergy Waste Management Pvt. Ltd, Tech Logic Unit II (E-Waste Recyclers), Timarpur Okhla Waste Management Company Pvt., UL Trust Solutions ( I ) Pvt Ltd, UPL Environmental Engineers Limited and Vulcan Waste Management Pvt. Ltd.

Waste Management Market in India 2014 - 2025 report is designed to help:
- This report provides a comprehensive detailed view on the Solid Waste Management Market in India including the current scenario of the installed capacity and supply options.
- The report defines the different types of solid wastes generated along with their composition.
- The report identifies that there is an urgent need to focus on the waste management sector and the proper functioning of the waste management process.
- Provide detailed information on growth forecasts for the waste management market in India.
- It tries to explain the current state of the waste management sector and the technologies used and also to better understanding of the scope of development in this sector.
- The study also identifies the various policies and guidelines governing this sector and highlights the various subsidies, incentives and grants offered by the government.
- It identifies the various growth drivers and inhibitors for the waste management market
- Along with profiling some of the major firms in this sector, the report also gives a detailed comparison of the various solutions available for waste management in India.
- It identifies the various risks associated with the waste management sector, specifically the credit, policy and technical risks involved.
- It tries to analyse the waste management market as whole and its various types using different models available in the literature.
- Finally, the report provides recommendations to government bodies, various waste management firms and also to players interested to enter this market.