Kitchen and Bathroom Supply Chain Report – Focus on Distributors - UK 2016-2020 Analysis

Kitchen and Bathroom Supply Chain Report – Focus on Distributors - UK 2016-2020 Analysis

  • June 2016 •
  • 84 pages •
  • Report ID: 3907460 •
  • Format: PDF
The 'Kitchen and Bathroom Supply Chain Report – Focus on Distributors - UK 2016-2020 Analysis' is now in its 11th edition. This report focuses on the supply infrastructure of the bathroom and kitchen industry and the performance of the kitchen and bathroom distributors within the industry. The report incorporates original input and represents a comprehensive, informed and unique review of this market and is excellent value for money. It contains information collated using a wide range of sources, and is specific and relevant to the distributors market.

Key content covered:

• Supply infrastructure - market size of the K&B industry, distribution structure, value by channel, distributor's shares overview of key merchants and retailers.
• Detailed kitchen and bathroom distributor assessment - market size, development of distribution market, national/regional companies, key players, recent trends, future prospects, customer analysis.
• Analysis by product group - market sizes, distributor shares, key trends relating to; kitchen furniture, worktops and sinks, kitchen appliances, bathroom products and shower products.
• The role of the distributor - changing roles, review by product group.

Recent trends include:

• Increasing competition from direct supply channels.
• Influence of the internet and impact on distributor business.
• Focus on own-label brands and differentiating product offerings.
• A continued steady improvement in the economy and the housing market.
• Raw material and fuel costs affecting margins.

Key areas covered in the report include:


• Market size and key trends in the kitchen and bathroom industry from 2011-2016.
• Mix of products in the K&B industry and key market trends in each sector.
• Supply chain structure and value of the key sectors, e.g. merchants, DIY, share taken by distributors etc.
• Analysis of first phase distribution - from manufacturers and importers, key companies at each stage and key characteristics.
• Analysis of second phase distribution - from importers and distributors to retail, merchant and other ‘outlets’.
• Analysis of key sectors with the supply chain and overview of key players, e.g. company profiles of leading builders’ merchants, DIY multiples etc.


• The market size and forecasts in value of the distributors’ market for 2011-2020.
• Market trends in recent years, future prospects, forecasts and key market influences.
• Key products marketed by distributors, share of distributors’ business.
• Major distributors, market shares, key characteristics, turnovers, product strengths, market positioning etc.
• Leading distributors by product sector – Kitchen Furniture/Kitchen Appliances/ Bathroom and Shower Products.
• Mix of major national/ regional distributors.
• Characteristics of distributors including profitability, key customer groups, competitors.
• The role of the distributor, how this is changing and how it varies for the major product groups.
• Analysis of drivers and forces in the distributors’ market – SWOT analysis.


• Market size of each major product group: kitchen furniture, kitchen appliances, bathroom products and shower products.
• Product mix within major product groups.
• Product trends by main groups and product sectors.
• Key suppliers within each product sector.
• Distribution characteristics, distributors' influence and share within each product group.