Women as Car Customers—Voice of Consumer Findings, 2015

Women as Car Customers—Voice of Consumer Findings, 2015

  • July 2016 •
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Women as Car Customers—Voice of Consumer Findings, 2015 : By 2020, more than 40% of Women Customers' Car purchase Decision will Hinge on OEMs’ Website Information

This Women as Car Customers Voice of Consumer study analyzes the growing trend of women customers and the factors that they consider while making their purchase decisions. This research emphasises on European market trends conducted with the objective of understanding the difference between the attitudes of women and men while buying cars, sales, product and ownership. This research services also studies how OEMs are designing cars that cater to women’s preferences and needs. It seeks to study the features and attributes that women prefer in cars and overall satisfaction levels, compare any differences between countries and gender-specific buying patterns, and understand how retail strategy differs for women and how to optimize the customer journey to target women. It also seeks to derive strategic findings and offer recommendations to OEMs and car dealerships

Key Questions this Study will Answer

Are women customers dissatisfied with their car? If so what are the reasons?

What strategies are OEMs employing to women customers, a growing segment? What are the features and attributes that women consider important when they buy a vehicle?

What kind of cars do women customers prefer? Which features do women customers seek in their cars?

What is the profile of women customers, in terms of current vehicle versus their future ideal vehicle? What are women customers’ attitudes towards car purchasing decisions?

Which financing options are available to women customers while leasing a car?