Solar Thermal Power Outlook

Solar Thermal Power Outlook

  • August 2016 •
  • 11 pages •
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Solar Thermal Power Outlook


Concentrating solar power (CSP) technology uses mirrors to reflect sunlight and collects solar heat to drive steam turbines or engines to create electricity. A CSP plant can generate power for about 70,000 homes, thus being a major player in the utility-scale solar market. It does not contribute to climate change and greenhouse emissions, and the source of energy - the sun - will never run out.

The cumulative installed CSP capacity was 4.64 Gigawatts (GW) in 2015, and is expected to increase to 12.68 GW by 2025.

Key requisites for successful project development include: investment; location; land; water resources and grid connectivity.

There are four types of CSP plants: parabolic trough, Fresnel reflector, central tower and solar dish, which differ in design, configuration of mirrors and receivers, use of heat transfer fluid and heat storage.

The viewpoint also provides information on comparative analysis of CSP technologies with its current and future developments; drivers influencing solar CSP development and information on the global CSP demand outlook.


- Data on Concentrating solar power (CSP) technology with plant variants
- Data on key requisites for successful project development
- Information on comparative analysis of CSP technologies with its current and future developments
- Drivers influencing solar CSP development
- Information on the global CSP demand outlook

Reasons to buy

- Understand information related to various solar CSP technologies
- Understand CSP technologies with and without storage
- Identify key requisites for successful CSP project development
- Identify drivers influencing development of solar CSP
- Identify current and future solar CSP developments
- Comprehend the difference between solar CSP and solar PV

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