India Electronic Security Industry Potential to 2020 - Growing System Integrators Market with Real Estate Development in Upcoming Smart Cities

India Electronic Security Industry Potential to 2020 - Growing System Integrators Market with Real Estate Development in Upcoming Smart Cities

  • June 2016 •
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Executive Summary
The report titled “India Electronic Security Industry Potential to 2020 - Growing System Integrators Market with Real Estate Development in Upcoming Smart Cities” provides a comprehensive analysis of electronic security market in India. The report focuses on the electronic security products sales and solutions revenue by system integrators separately in detail. The report covers market size and segmentation of overall electronic security market by verticals (i.e. Video Surveillance - CCTV, Fire Detection, Access Control, Intrusion Alarm and Speciality devices), by end users (residential and non residential - commercial, government, hospitality, transportation, education and others), by organized and unorganized and by domestic and foreign companies operating in the sector.

The report puts forth in-depth analysis on system integrators market size and potential for multiple players including Firepro, Chubb Alba, Polixel, and others including statistics on business models, market share and detailed company profile. The potential and future outlook for electronic security solutions has also been discussed in the publication at each product level. Detailed analysis of major OEMs such as Zicom Electronic Systems, Honeywell Automation, Tyco Fire and Security India, Johnson Controls India, Aditya Infotech and Prama Hikvision India has been presented in the report. The report covers margin analysis, growth drivers, trends and development, barriers have been covered in the publication. The report also provides future outlook and constraints, security solutions based opportunity along technological limitation and global opportunities that can applied in India.

India Electronic Security Market
The electronic security market in India has recorded revenue worth INR ~ million in FY’2010, which grew at a rate of over ~% during FY’2011, amounting to INR ~ million. Number of property crime cases augmented from ~ in 2012 to ~ during 2014. The revenue of the electronic security industry was reported at INR ~ million in FY’2014 which was further increased to INR ~ million in FY’2015.
In FY’2010, contribution of the organized sector in the overall electronic security market revenue was ~%, while unorganized market accounted for the remaining ~% share. By the end of FY’2015, the contribution of the unorganized sector declined to ~%. Foreign players such as Honeywell, Bosch, UTC, Axis Communications and others have expanded their base in the market over the period from FY’2010 to FY’2015.

System Integrator Market
The electronic security system integration market in India has been fragmented with the presence of over ~ organized as well as around ~ unorganized system integrators in the market. The market size of the organized space in the system integrators market has been evaluated at INR ~ million in 2015.

Video Surveillance Market
Video surveillance systems have been the largest product category in India electronics security products market over the period FY’2010-FY’2015. It has accounted for a revenue share of ~% in FY’2015. The demand for these systems is majorly driven by the government, banking, commercial and transportation sector which require high level of security systems. Government has tightened the security in all the major states significantly post Bombay and Pune attacks. Completion of various large infrastructural projects further aided the growth in revenues of the CCTV market over the period FY’2013-FY’2015. Government sector has accounted for the largest revenue share during FY’2015. Commercial offices and buildings which include the banking and financial sector, accounted for a revenue share of ~% in FY’2015. Public places such as Airport, Railway Stations has captured ~% share in the revenue of video surveillance. CP Plus has been the largest player in the domestic video surveillance market. After starting a joint venture with Prama technologies in 2008, Hikvision has established itself as a major player in the CCTV section. Zicom garnered revenue share of ~% in FY’2015. Dahua Technology contributed ~% in the revenues of the video surveillance market during FY’2015.

Fire Alarm Systems
Honeywell has been the market’s leader in fire alarms category with a revenue share of ~% in FY’2015. Tyco has been a major provider of fire and security equipments in India since its incorporation in 1996. Players such as Siemens, Bosch, UTC, Zicom, Johnson Controls, Agni, Gunnebo and Others also accounts for considerable share in the market. The commercial buildings and offices contributed the highest share of ~% in the overall revenue of Indian fire alarm system market during FY’2015. In FY’2015, the fire alarm market had generated revenues worth INR ~ million.

Access Control Market
Access control systems have been the third largest segment in the overall electronic security equipment market as they accounted for a revenue share of ~% during FY’2015. The electronic access control systems market in India registered revenue worth INR ~ million in FY’2015 as compared to INR ~ million in FY’2010, growing at a rate of ~%. The increase in revenues has been attributed to the technological advances in the access control systems market and improved usage of smart cards and biometric solutions. Tyco, Honeywell, UTC products, Lenel, Siemens, Johnson Controls and Other companies such as Bosch, Kaba, HID, Zicom, ESSL are the major players in this space. Unorganized sector contributed ~% to the revenues of the access control market of India during FY’2015.

Intrusion Alarm Market
Tyco, Honeywell with Lyric home security, Zicom, Bosch, Siemens Intrusion Detection Products & Systems, UTC, Securens and Diebold are the major players operating in this category. Intrusion alarms are most popular amongst the residential sector. The revenue of intrusion alarm systems category has increased at a CAGR of ~% during the period FY’2010-FY’2015. Banking sector is one of the major end user of intrusion alarm systems in India.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:
- The Market Size Of The Electronic Security Market In India, FY’2010-FY’2015
- The Market size of Electronic Security System Integration Market in India, FY’2010-FY’2020
- Market segmentation of the India electronic security market on the basis of basis of Products-CCTV, Fire Alarm systems, Access Control Systems, Intrusion Alarm Systems and Specialty Devices such as VMS, Metal Detectors, X-Ray Scanners and Barriers, Industry structure-Organized and Unorganized, Sector- Residential and Non Residential and others.
- Market Share of leading manufacturers in India Electronic Security Market by Products on the basis of Revenue,FY’2015
- Expected Margins Of Manufacturers By Different End Users.
- Landscape of Major System integrators in India electronic Security Market
- Trends and Development in the India Electronic Security market.
- Government Regulations in the India Electronic Security Market.
- Growth Drivers for India electronic Security Market
- Future outlook and projections of India electronic Security Market on the basis of revenue, FY’2016-FY’2020.
- Future outlook and projections of India Electronic Security System Integration Market on the basis of revenue, FY’2016-FY’2020.
- Opportunity Analysis