An Assessment of the Readiness of Brazilian Airports for 2016 and Beyond

An Assessment of the Readiness of Brazilian Airports for 2016 and Beyond

  • September 2016 •
  • 61 pages •
  • Report ID: 4182509 •
  • Format: PDF
Brazil’s Concession Strategy—Opportunities for Private and Government Entities

Scope of the report

This Market Insight report includes the following segments:
Product scope: Readiness Assessment of Airports in Brazil for the Olympics and Beyond
Geographic scope: Global
End-user scope: Airport operators, airlines, airport IT suppliers, airport service enablers, ground handlers, MRO firms

This study will benefit anyone with vested interests in the Brazilian airport industry. The study provides readers with an idea of the Brazilian airport sector and its status in the midst of the 2016 Olympic Games and a deeply worrying political and economic scenario. A readiness meter has been devised to rate 'Olympic' airports and examine their state of readiness to handle the global sports events. The research looks at the operating capacity, transportation network, infrastructure quality, and customer satisfaction of the airports handling the majority of passenger traffic. It also provides an insight on what the future holds for Brazil's airports.

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Key Questions Answered

Which are the key airports that will handle passenger air traffic during the 2016 Olympics in Brazil?
How ready are the airports to handle the surge in traffic during the Olympic Games?
How will the operating capacity, infrastructure quality, ground transportation network, and customer satisfaction rates of an airport impact the brand quality of the airport?
What are the operational and security features that will be enhanced at the airports?
Who are the existing participants in the Brazilian aviation industry? What are the drivers and restraints to the growth of the industry?
How does the industry look after 2016 and what kind of opportunities exist for key participants?