The Global Market for Nanodiamonds

The Global Market for Nanodiamonds

  • March 2019 •
  • 31 pages •
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Nanodiamonds (NDs), also called detonation diamonds (DND) or ultradispersed diamonds (UDD) are fine particles of diamond with a particle diameter of 4 to 6 nanometers, and are composite composed of diamond core, amorphous carbon layer, sp2 carbon layer (graphene and graphite), and oxygen functional group. Due to each component and their interaction, they exhibit completely different properties from general diamond. NDs are one of the most thermally conductive and hardest materials known.

NDs are relatively easy and inexpensive to produce, and have moved towards large-scale commercialization due to their excellent mechanical, optical and thermal properties, high surface areas and tunable surface structures and chemical stability. They are also biocompatible and non-toxic, making them suitable for application in biomedicine.

Properties that are desirable for industrial application in areas such as polishing, coatings, lubricants and catalysts include:

- inherent fluorescence

- small primary particle size (? 4 to 5 nm) with narrow size distribution

- cores are believed to hold high crystallinity and chemical inertness of bulk diamond

- highest thermal conductivity: 2000 W/m-?

- lowest specific heat capacity: 6.115 J/m-?

- very high mechanical hardness and wear resistance

- highest sound propagation velocity

- low thermal resistance: 0.25°C-cm²/W

- high electrical resistivity: 10¹³ ?-cm

- chemical and radiation resistance

- high biocompatibility and non-cytotoxity

- ease of surface functionalization.

- graphene-like sp2 surface structure.

Applications are coming to the fore in:

- MRI contrast agents

- Lubricants

- Biomarkers

- Drug & gene delivery

- Polishing slurries

- Flexible C-UNCD field emitters

- Polymer composites

- Anti-friction & wear coatings

- Medical implants (sensors)

- Thermal compounds (pastes) for electronics

- Quantum devices

Report contents include:

- Assessment of economic prospects of the market for nanodiamonds based on Future Markets assessment tools and nanosilver company inputs

- Main applications for nanodiamonds

- Demand for nanodiamonds by market

- Commercialization timeline

- Production volumes globally, in metric tons

- Production by region

- Company profiles of nanodiamonds producers and application developers. 17 company profiles including Adamas Nanotechnologies, Inc., Bikanta, Inc., Carbodeon Ltd Oy, Daicel Corporation, FND Biotech, NanoDiamond Products Limited and Ray-Techniques Ltd.