TrendSights Analysis: Anchoring; Back to basics

TrendSights Analysis: Anchoring; Back to basics

  • September 2016 •
  • 44 pages •
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Many FMCG companies are already addressing a growing trend of consumers wanting brands to humanize their products, as opposed to complex and artificial modern offerings. The demand for brands to revive products from the past and the desire for products containing simple and authentic ingredients are both strong manifestations of the Anchoring trend. And brands that have been able to adapt their products and values to this trend can be more efficient at creating a deeper emotional engagement with their consumers.

Key Findings
- 35% of global consumers say their purchase choices are influenced by products feeling familiar/trustworthy/risk-free. Consumers are moving away from the mechanized and unfamiliar aspects of mass consumption.

-  Consumers are going back to the products that once offered them comfort and reassurance - 45% of global consumers believe grocery products from the past are better than the ones available now.

- Tradition and heritage work as a guarantee of quality for many consumers, who prefer to rely on products with a proven track of quality. 16% of global shoppers for household care and laundry products say that familiarity with brands/products has the most influence on their product choices.

"TrendSights Analysis: Anchoring" explores the preference for products with simple, familiar, and trustworthy ingredients and packaging, as opposed to the complexity and uncertainty of modern consumption patterns.

Your key questions answered:

- How relevant is Anchoring to the different sectors?

- Which needs and longings motivate this trend?

- Which consumers are most associated to Anchoring?

- How can I capitalize on Anchoring for my business?

Reasons To Buy
- Understand the retro feeling many shoppers have in response to today's consumption patterns, helping to develop possible ways of incorporating this trend into your product catalogue.

- Consider a specific marketing approach - nostalgia marketing - as a possible supplement to existing approaches.

- Reinforce brand's awareness among loyal consumers, who are most familiar with the values and tradition of companies and their products.


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