Too Many Standards

Too Many Standards

  • August 2016 •
  • 41 pages •
  • Report ID: 4212732 •
  • Format: PDF

The Production Approval Process is the most critical but least acknowledged link in the entire apparel supply chain. The process addresses the way garments look, the way they feel, the way they fit and the way they perform after the consumer takes them home.

This report, exclusive to just-style, discusses how the Production Approval Process is both segmented and interconnected;  how approval speed and clarity impact design integrity, quality and delivery; how to navigate the different types of production approvals, and how to use a Production Time and Action Calendar to get everyone, and everything, in sync.

Extract: “A standard can assume different forms depending on which aspect of the finished garment it represents. The final approved standard is a fixed, visible or tactile reference. It can be a swatch, a length of fabric, a sewn or knitted panel, an accessory item or a complete garment. It can apply to fabric, to fit, to wash treatment, to trims, to test results, and to any component that makes up a finished garment.”

The author, Margie Bross, Sourcing Consultant, previously Country Manager Indonesia for Eralda/Talbots and Sourcing Manager in the U.S. and Asia for various well-known brands, has broken down the process into seven easily digestible sections:

• Segmentation and connectivity
• Standards, Submits and Approvals
• Speed and Clarity
• The types of approvals
• Performance testing approval
• Approving the whole garment
• The production time and action calendar

The report includes a sample Production Time and Action Calendar worksheet, along with instructions on how to use it.

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