Data Visualisation report on Global Service Robotics Market 2016-2025

Data Visualisation report on Global Service Robotics Market 2016-2025

  • May 2015 •
  • 100 pages •
  • Report ID: 4224692 •
  • Format: PDF
Robotics is now widely accepted as a game-changing technology across many domains and sectors.

On the basis of the intended application, robots can be broadly classified as industrial robots and service robots. While industrial robots are used in industrial automation applications, service robots perform useful tasks for humans and their equipment. Service robots are increasingly broadening the horizon to beyond the factory floors. Service robots like robotic vacuums, bomb retrievers, exoskeletons and drones, robots used in surgery, space exploration, agriculture and construction are becoming more commonplace. This being said, the possibilities and opportunities that service robotics can provide are virtually limitless and largely untapped.

The service robotics market, though currently smaller in terms of revenue than the industrial robotics market, is expected to eventually outgrow the industrial robotics market in the future. Many industry experts have likened expected growth in the service robotics market to the proliferation of personal computers (PCs) in the 1980s.

This report, segments the service robots broadly into professional service robots and service robots for personal and domestic uses. Medical service robots, though considered under professional service robots have been accorded special attention due to their importance and future potential from a market perspective. Market analysis has been done to further sub-segment each of these markets. The application markets, sub-application markets, detailed geographical statistics for over 19 major countries in the world are included in this report.

The report also shwocases in-detail the key opportunities for this market in the next decade, the market shares , the start-up scenario in the market which effectively shows the path of technology evolution and also profiles the major companies in the market and discusses their business strategies.

While talking about the players in the market, one of the best-known ambassadors for service robots in recent times has been the iRobot Corporation, Massachusetts (U.S.A.) and its domestic cleaning robots (Roomba range of products). iRobot has now entered other professional service robot application markets like defense and security and telepresence. This has paved the way for many competitors to follow suit and a major focus on technology development is underway currently in the market. Advancement in both software algorithms and hardware technology like haptics are beginning to enhance the capabilities of service robots drastically and have guided the service robotics market on the path to fulfilling its destiny as the “next big thing” since PCs.