Development and Market of the Chinese and the Global Bicycle Industry 2015-2020

Development and Market of the Chinese and the Global Bicycle Industry 2015-2020

  • November 2015 •
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In 2014, retail market size of bicycle and its parts has reached EUR38.3 billion. Along with the green and healthy life styles gradually being accepted by public, low carbon and green form of transport like riding bicycle and taking bus have become more and more popular in the world. In 2014, the sale volume of bicycle in the world was 135 million, with a YoY growth rate of 2.1%.

This healthy life styles’ wind blew to China. In China, high end bicycle has become more and more popular in high-income group, and international bicycle manufacturers are entering into China’s high end bicycle market, China is becoming the largest professional sport bicycle market.

In the past decade, China’s bicycle industry has keep increased with a high growth rate, and the production volume and export volume of bicycle rank No.1 in the world. With the changes in the international economy and domestic market adjustment, great change has taken in China’s bicycle industry. In 2014, China’s production volume of two wheels pedal bicycle and electric bicycle were 62.02 million and 29.05 million, with the YoY growth rate of 3.1% and 14.9% respectively. The growth rate of China’s bicycle keeps at a low level, while that of electric bicycle at a high level.

By the end of 2015 Q1, there are about 870 bicycle manufacturers above a designated scale in China, and about 190 are deficient enterprises, with a total loss of RMB235 million. The total asset of China’s bicycle manufacturing industry is RMB79.2 billion in 2015 Q1, with a YoY growth rate of 7.3%, the sales revenue and total profit are RMB29.1 billion and RMB1.3 billion respectively.

In this report, information about the bicycle market in global and China, related policies, domestic bicycle industry operation situation, key bicycle manufacturers in China will be discussed. Forecast of the market and recommendations will be given at the end of the report.