Baby Food in Mexico, Canadean Ltd

Baby Food in Mexico, Canadean Ltd

  • September 2016 •
  • 125 pages •
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The baby food market in Mexico is already large both in terms of number of babies and sales of baby food and the performance has been positive over the past six years as a whole. Sales have been held back, however, by the fall in the number of live births. The live birth rate has been on a generally downward path since the late 1990s. Nonetheless, Mexico's crude birth rate remains among the highest in Latin America. The decline in the number of births, which is expected to continue up to and beyond 2021, will have a dampening effect on the market, although the relatively buoyant state of the economy, and increased manufacturer competition will counteract this to some extent. Overall, during the next six years, the market is expected to experience growth, amounting to 10.2% in volume and 39% in value.

Key Findings
- Despite a slight fall in the number of births, the Mexican market for baby food has expanded by 9.6% in volume and 29.2% in value between 2009 and 2015.

- Milks dominate the market, both in volume (where they accounted for 49.7% of consumption in 2015) and value (77.5% of retail sales).  

- Nestlé remains dominant: in 2015 it is estimated to have held 71% of the market in terms of volume, and 57% in terms of value. It is the only company to operate in all sectors of the market.

- The food retailing market is increasingly the domain of large?scale outlets, and these dominate the distribution of baby food: in 2015 supermarkets and hypermarkets accounted for 71% of volume sales. 

- Pharmacies took a share of 25.6%.

“Baby Food in Mexico” is an analytical report by Canadean which provides extensive and highly detailed current and future market trends in the Mexico market.

What else does this report offer?

- Consumption data based upon a unique combination of industry research, fieldwork, market sizing work and our in-house expertise to offer extensive data about the trends and dynamics affecting the industry.

- Detailed profile of the companies operating and new companies considering entry in the industry along with their key focus product sectors.

- Market profile of the various product sectors with the key features and developments, segmentation, per capita trends and the various manufacturers and brands.

- Overview of baby food retailing with a mention of the major retailers in the country along with the distribution channel.

- Future projections considering various trends which are likely to affect the industry.

Reasons To Buy
- Evaluate important changes in consumer behavior and identify profitable markets and areas for product innovation.

- Analyze current and forecast behavior trends in each category to identify the best opportunities to exploit.

- Detailed understanding of consumption by individual product categories in order to align your sales and marketing efforts with the latest trends in the market.

- Investigates which categories are performing the best and how this is changing market dynamics.


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