Builders Merchants Market Report - Europe 2016-2020 Analysis - Belgium

Builders Merchants Market Report - Europe 2016-2020 Analysis - Belgium

  • September 2016 •
  • 30 pages •
  • Report ID: 4246057 •
  • Format: PDF
The 1st edition of the 'Builders Merchants Market Report - Europe 2016-2020 - Belgium' provides the following information about the Belgian builders merchants market; an economic overview, review of the construction and housing sectors, and review of the builders merchants market in the country, including market size, materials/product mix and market structure. It also features a review of the overall European builders merchants market and the leading players in the European market.

Key areas of insight:

- Broad assessment of this multi-billion € market - reviews of market size, recent trends in 2014-16, key market influences, current and future developments, long term forecasts up to 2020.
- Construction/economy – trends and forecasts.
- Builders merchants – key players by country, recent activities, company profiles, financial overview.
- Heavyside/lightside – review of mix and key players in each country.
- Buying groups – major players, changing structures.
- Overview of major international groups.
- Future prospects – prospects in 2016/17 and up to 2020.

Key areas covered in the report include:


- General economic overview and introduction. Economic background, historical context.
- Demographic profiling.
- Construction activity levels – trends in 2011-15, forecast of market performance in 2016.
- Housing market – recent activity.
- Review of overall market conditions in Europe.


- Overall size & structure of key European markets – including UK.
- Builders Merchants market size for the 12 key markets in Europe.
- Merchant market structure analysis – level of concentration/fragmentation.
- Builders Merchants – market shares (heavy/lightside), international, local operations.
- Buying Groups – key players, recent changes etc.
- Key market issues & influence – industry rationalisation in recent years.
- Comparisons with UK market – size, trends, structure etc.
- Profiles of major international groups.
- Future prospects up to 2020.


- Market overview - economic profile, housing stock and tenure mix.
- Construction overview - contstruction output, non-residential/residential.
- Builders Merchants market review - market size, materials mix, market structure, leading suppliers.