Vision 2025  -  The Future of Healthcare

Vision 2025 - The Future of Healthcare

  • November 2016 •
  • 102 pages •
  • Report ID: 4331984
Projecting Market Transformations and Growth Opportunities

Global healthcare trends of aging populations, rising chronic disease prevalence, and urbanization are bound to further strain healthcare systems already grappling with issues of healthcare access, quality, and cost. New treatment paradigms are required that integrate elements of prediction, prevention, and automation to make care more affordable and efficient. This study explores how the healthcare landscape is expected to evolve, outlines new paradigms, highlights the key areas of growth within each sector, and focuses on challenges that regions will experience in achieving better healthcare futures.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer
How and to what degree will certain aspects of the healthcare industry transform by 2025?
What role will emerging technologies play in disrupting current market paradigms?
What types of new business models will arise due to impending industry shifts?
What are the key sector-specific growth areas within healthcare?
What impact will unique regional dynamics have on market development across the world?