Global Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Market Insights, Opportunity Analysis, Market Shares and Forecast, 2017 – 2023

Global Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Market Insights, Opportunity Analysis, Market Shares and Forecast, 2017 – 2023

  • January 2016 •
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Metal oxide nanoparticles, also indicated as nanopowders or nanocrystals play a very important role in several areas of chemistry, physics and material science. These are obtainable in variable sizes, shapes as well as exterior coatings. Metal oxide nanoparticles provide a diversity of functionalities that stay popular over a number of segments such as thermal barrier, easy-clean, anti-corrosion, anti-bacterialism, UV- absorbent & combinations. Metal oxide nano particles are gradually becoming part of our daily lives and it is projected that their use will rise significantly in the next few years as they are being manufactured in vast quantities for usage in a diverse variety of products. Rising research & development activities to improve the product applications coupled with the fast growth in the nanotechnology is expected to drive the metal oxide nanoparticles market. Metal Oxide nano particles market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.5%. Chemical catalytic, novel optical, electronic and magnetic properties of metal oxide nanoparticles are being applied across a high-tech technologies and industries. This is expected to fuel the demand for metal oxide nanoparticles market. However, slowing worldwide economy and a mature nature of many bigger end-user markets for metal oxide nano particles in various regions are restraining the growth of metal oxide nano particles in these regions.

Global metal oxide nano particle market is segmented into by its type, application and geography. Based on a range of metal oxides used, market is segmented into aluminum, cerium, iron, bismuth, magnesium, silicon, titanium, zinc, zirconium, nickel, antimony tin, copper and manganese, indium tin. Zinc oxide nanoparticles market has been observing high growth due to its increasing application in cosmetics and sunscreen lotions on account of its high UV guard properties. Application of metal oxide nano particle market consists automotive, electronics, adhesives & sealants, aerospace, construction, medical, food & beverages, and packaging. Manufacturing sector to account for more than 40 percent of the total market share by the end of 2022. The increased usage of metal oxide nano particle for the manufacture of diverse materials like plastic, paints, colored rubber, glass, and steel, so as to increase their material and chemical properties such as potency and resistance to UV-radiations will result in the firm growth of this market segment.

Segmentation of the market by geographically done on the basis of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and RoW. North America is the biggest market for metal oxide nanoparticles market due the extensive accessibility of raw materials for oxide production. It is a vital factor that bolsters market growth in this region during the estimated period. Furthermore, the beginning of initiatives, such as the state nanotechnology initiative, by the US federal government is a important factor that consequences in this region’s remarkable market share of more than 60% by 2022. Asia Pacific and Europe regions markets are projected to observe major growth over the next seven years on account of growing demand in automotives, electronics and aerospace sectors.

Key players in metal oxide nanoparticles market include Access Business Group, Altair Nanomaterials, American Elements, Eprui Nanoparticles & Microspheres Co. Ltd., NanoScale Corporation, Reinste Nanoventures, Sigma Aldrich and US Research Nanomaterials Inc. The aggressive atmosphere in this market will boost drastically with an increase in research and development, innovations and M&A in the coming years.

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