The upholstered furniture market in the United States

The upholstered furniture market in the United States

  • May 2016 •
  • 128 pages •
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  • Format: PDF

The Upholstered Furniture market in the United States report provides data and trends in upholstered furniture production and consumption, upholstery imports and exports, prices, marketing policies and distribution. The time frame considered is 2005-2015.

The U.S upholstery production is broken down by:

  • Covering materials: fabric, leather, other (faux leather, microfiber, vinyl). Data are provided both in values and in units.
  • Type of product: station and motion upholstery.

Data and trends on the supply structure in the US upholstered furniture industry include:

  • Employment (breakdown of upholstery manufacturers size by number of employees)
  • Production plant localization
  • Leading upholstered furniture manufacturers by turnover, production capacity, number of employees. Market shares on total domestic upholstery production are provided.

The market for upholstered furniture is analysed by considering major demand determinants (unemployment rate, wages, household income, furniture expenditure, housing completed and price trends of new home sales).

Upholstered furniture consumption forecast for 2016 and 2017 are provided.

Values of upholstered furniture consumption by covering materials (leather, fabric, other materials) and type of products are provided for 2015.

The market is divided also by price ranges (low, middle, upper middle and high).

Top manufacturers both US-based and international operating on the U.S. market are identified by upholstery sales and market shares on total upholstery consumption. More than 70 company's profiles are included with product portfolio, total and upholstery sales, number and localization of manufacturing plants, number of employees and export share.

A breakdown of the US upholstered furniture imports and exports is provided by country and area, as well as foreign companies' sales on the US market.

Leading upholstery exporters to the US are reported in terms of upholstery turnover.

The analysis of distribution channels covers: traditional furniture stores, manufactured branded furniture stores, online sales, lifestyle furniture stores, warehouse membership clubs, discount department stores and department stores.

A focus on e-commerce sales includes the value of upholstery online sales, the digital strategies of leading manufacturers and a selection of furniture retailers selling online.

More than 140 retailer's profiles are provided with product mix, geographical area covered, furniture and furnishings turnover, number of stores and key vendors offered.

List prices for upholstery products are provided for the main manufacturers, by product (sofas, motion sofa and recliners).