Uzbekistan Automotive Market, Forecast to 2020

Uzbekistan Automotive Market, Forecast to 2020

  • December 2016
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Sales Volume of Passenger Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Buses and Minibuses to Reach 202,000 Units by 2020

The study aims to research, analyze, and forecast the automotive market in Uzbekistan according to 3 segments: passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and buses and minibuses.

Research Scope
Macroeconomic figures and market trends (social, political, economic, and technological trends influencing the automotive market in the country)
Business environment and investment climate (policies, regulations, taxation, cost of doing business)
Infrastructure (road and fuel network development in the country)
Market structure (benchmarking of the top market players, automotive production, sales and imports volumes in key segments covering passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and buses and minibuses)
Production, sales, and aftermarket (key local producers, suppliers, distribution network, sales channels, pricing, and vehicle taxation)
Growth opportunities (trends driving development of the automotive industry and creating future investment prospects)
Recommendations for potential market entrants that allow effective and profitable growth

Uzbekistan can boast of well-developed automotive production, making the country one of the leading vehicle manufacturers in Central Asia, supplying its cars and commercial vehicles to various foreign markets. As the most populous country in the region, Uzbekistan is projected to note increase in domestic demand among a growing population.
Locally established joint ventures with foreign partners like General Motors, Isuzu Motors, and MAN Truck & Bus bring cutting-edge technology in the automotive sector and boost innovativeness through knowledge sharing.

Detailed description of the market situation in the passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and bus and minibus segments is provided (vehicle classification and parc size, market breakdown by powertrain / transmission / wheelbase etc.) Business models, growth prospects, competitive landscape and future focus are discussed for key OEMs on the market (GM Uzbekistan, SamAuto, MAN Auto-Uzbekistan etc.)
The base year of the study is 2015, with studying period going from historical data from 2010 to forecasting of future developments to 2020.

Key Questions the Study Will Answer

What is the condition of the domestic automotive market in Uzbekistan? How is production and sales figures developed over time? How is the situation expected to evolve?
What is the economic and political situation in Uzbekistan and what are the social and technology trends affecting the country and the automotive industry?
What is the business environment and what kind of investment opportunities does the country have to offer a potential investor?
What is the condition of the road and fuel infrastructure network in Uzbekistan?
What are the key policies, taxation regulations, and economic incentives in the automotive industry?
How does the car sales network and aftermarket distribution function in the country?
1.Executive Summary
Executive Summary
Executive Summary—Key Takeaways
Executive Summary—Automotive Sector in Uzbekistan: Snapshot
Executive Summary—Automotive Market Breakdown by OEMs
Executive Summary—Passenger Vehicles Market: Areas of Growth
Executive Summary—Findings and Future Outlook
2.Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and Methodology
Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and Methodology
Research Scope
Research Aims and Objectives
Vehicle Scope and Definitions in Uzbekistan
Key Questions this Study will Answer
Research Background
Research Methodology
3.Key Country Facts
Key Country Facts
Uzbekistan—Mega Trends
Uzbekistan—Key Macroeconomic Figures
Uzbekistan—Demographic Trends
Uzbekistan—Political History
Uzbekistan—Geographical View
Uzbekistan—Road Network
Uzbekistan—Fuel Infrastructure
Investment Climate—R&D Incentives
Investment Climate—Cost of Doing Business
Investment Climate—Incentives for Foreign Investments
Investment Climate—SEZs
Investment Climate—Trade Policies
Automotive Market—Taxation of New Localization Projects
Automotive Market—Technology Agreements
Automotive Market—Suppliers
Automotive Market—Policies in the Country
Automotive Market—Hourly Wages
Passenger Vehicles—Taxation Structure
Passenger Vehicles—Used Cars Trade Regulations
Passenger Vehicles—Market Special Conditions
4.Basic Indicators of Automotive Sector
Basic Indicators of Automotive Sector
Passenger Vehicles (PV)—Parc
Passenger Vehicles—Market Trends
Commercial Vehicles (CV)—Parc
Buses and Minibuses—Parc
Commercial Vehicles + Buses and Minibuses—Market Trends
5.Market Structure
Market Structure
Passenger Vehicles—Segmentation
Passenger Vehicles—Key Models
Passenger Vehicles—Customer Needs
Commercial Vehicles + Buses and Minibuses—Key Models
Commercial Vehicles + Buses and Minibuses—Customer Needs
Uzbekistan OEM Production Map
Passenger Vehicles—Production, Import and Sales Figures
Passenger Vehicles—Sales
Passenger Vehicles—Market Breakdown by OEMs
Passenger Vehicles—Market Breakdown by PV Sub-Segments
Passenger Vehicles—Powertrain Segmentation
Passenger Vehicles—Transmission Split
Passenger Vehicles—Engine Capacity Split
Passenger Vehicles—Fleet Ownership Structure
Passenger Vehicles—Used Cars Import and Export Transactions
Commercial Vehicles—Sales
Commercial Vehicles—Market Breakdown by Segments
Commercial Vehicles—Powertrain Segmentation
Commercial Vehicles—Market Breakdown by Axle Combination
Commercial Vehicles—Market Breakdown by Wheelbase
Commercial Vehicles—Market Breakdown by Intended Use
Commercial Vehicles—Sales Channels
Buses and Minibuses—Sales
Buses and Minibuses—Market Breakdown by Segments
Buses and Minibuses—Powertrain Segmentation
Buses and Minibuses—Market Breakdown by Tonnage
Buses and Minibuses—Market Breakdown by Wheelbase
Buses and Minibuses—Market Breakdown by Intended Use
Buses and Minibuses—Sales Channels
Commercial Vehicles + Buses and Minibuses—Fleet Sales Analysis
Commercial Vehicles + Buses and Minibuses—Sales Network
Commercial Vehicles + Buses and Minibuses—Vehicle Body Producers
Passenger Vehicles—Top Selling Models
Passenger Vehicles—Financial Solutions
Commercial Vehicles + Buses and Minibuses—Top Selling Models
Commercial Vehicles + Buses and Minibuses—Financial Solutions
7.Special Focus—Passenger Vehicles: Sales and Aftersales Services Market
Special Focus—Passenger Vehicles: Sales and Aftersales Services Market
Passenger Vehicles—GM Uzbekistan: Business Model
Passenger Vehicles—GM Uzbekistan: Renewal Plan
Passenger Vehicles—GM Uzbekistan: Distribution Channel Structure
Passenger Vehicles—OEM and Aftermarket Distribution Network
Passenger Vehicles—Aftermarket Distribution Structure
Passenger Vehicles—Customer Service
Passenger Vehicles—Distribution and Aftermarket: Key Trends
8.Competitor Analysis
Competitor Analysis
OEMs Competitive Analysis
GM Uzbekistan
MAN Auto-Uzbekistan
9.Conclusions and Future Outlook
Conclusions and Future Outlook
Key Conclusions
The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
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Abbreviations and Acronyms Used
Market Engineering Methodology
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