APAC Home Health Monitoring Market, Forecast for 2020

APAC Home Health Monitoring Market, Forecast for 2020

  • December 2016
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Vendor Business Model Evolution to Usher New Paradigms in Chronic Disease Management

APAC’s home health monitoring market is set to generate nearly $2.2 billion by 2020. Local and international vendors should identify the long-term market progression and opportunity within home monitoring for both acute and chronic care in this region. APAC is shifting from centralized to decentralized models due to the need for efficient care delivery models. A combination of technological advances and regulatory overhaul across the region will enable innovative care delivery models, especially for managing chronic and life-style related diseases that will drive the demand for platform-based home monitoring solutions over the next five years. There is a concomitant increase in demand for remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices in the home but the adoption has not been as strong. Healthcare stakeholders in this region have also formed consortiums and are investing in pilots to generate data to build a funding model.

Collaborated initiatives, such as Australia’s National Telehealth Home Monitoring, South Korea’s National Telehealth Demonstration Project, or Singapore’s National Cardiac Monitoring are set to expand the market for home health monitoring. Technology-savvy societies like Japan, Singapore and Australia are already investing in population-level pilots while private healthcare providers in emerging markets like India are introducing platform-based home health solutions to niche customer segments. Integrated home monitoring platforms include devices offered through extremely flexible and lucrative payment plans, while money is made on clinical services provided through the data captured. The market is shifting focus from stand-alone devices to comprehensive remote patient monitoring platforms for end-to-end chronic disease management.  

Failure to accept the transformation by changing the current business model will result in inability to monetize, though the market is packed with opportunities yet to be explored. Vendors will struggle choosing the right business model to push their products to the market. This study analyzes the APAC market for home monitoring devices, sensors, wearables and mHealth apps as well as successful business models in this space and some innovative collaborations.

Key Questions This Study will Answer
- What is the current state of home monitoring in APAC? How will it evolve until 2020?
- What are the most promising applications of home monitoring across therapeutic areas?
- What are the current technology and usage trends in the market? How will these evolve until 2020?
- How will the structure of the market change with time?
- What are the current sales channels and will these changes to offer better access in the future?
- What are the business models that are disrupting the market?
1.Executive Summary
Executive Summary
6 Key Themes for Home Monitoring in APAC
Summary of Market Drivers, Restraints and Unmet Needs
Scope and Segmentation
Key Questions this Study will Answer
Market Engineering Measurements
CEO's Perspective
Key Companies to Watch
Home Health Monitoring Growth Opportunities
Current Home Health Monitoring Market Leaders

2.Global Perspectives on Home Monitoring
Global Perspectives on Home Monitoring
Home Monitoring is a Collaborative Effort
Home Monitoring in the US
Global Home Monitoring Market
Home Monitoring in the UK
Evolving Remote Patient Monitoring Workflow
Decentralized Care
3.Market Overview
Market Overview
Market Definition & Segmentation
Increasing Healthcare Expenditure in APAC
Prevalence of Chronic Diseases in APAC
High Technology Adoption in APAC
Initiatives Across APAC to Drive the Home Monitoring Market
Home Monitoring Pilots in APAC Developed Nations
Home Monitoring Pilots in India and China
Initiatives Across APAC to Drive Home Monitoring Market
Home Monitoring Market Ecosystem
Home Monitoring Regulatory Reform
Home Monitoring Consumer Perception
4.Drivers & Restraints—Total Home Monitoring Market
Drivers & Restraints—Total Home Monitoring Market
Key Challenges for Home Monitoring Market Vendors
Market Drivers
Market Restraints
Home Monitoring Market Development Levers
5.Forecasts & Trends—Total Home Monitoring Market
Forecasts & Trends—Total Home Monitoring Market
Forecast Assumptions and Definitions
Forecast Methodology
Market Engineering Measurements
Revenue Forecast
Revenue Forecast by Segment
Revenue Forecast Discussion
Revenue Forecast by Geography
Revenue Forecast by Country
Percent Revenue Forecast by Country
Penetration and Pricing Analysis
6.Technology & Solution Outlook—Total Home Monitoring Market
Technology & Solution Outlook—Total Home Monitoring Market
Home Monitoring Market Evolution
Therapeutic Focus in Home Monitoring
Home Monitoring Technology Roadmap
7.Business Models Outlook—Total Home Monitoring Market
Business Models Outlook—Total Home Monitoring Market
Unmet Market Needs and Vendor Response
Home Monitoring Roadmap
Prominent Business Models in APAC—Stand-alone Devices
Investment in Stand-alone Devices
Prominent Business Models in APAC—Subscription Model
Investment in Subscription Model
Prominent Business Models in APAC—Collaborative Care
Investment in Stand-alone Device
Investment in Subscription Model
Investment in Collaborative Care Model
Business Model Success Factors
Future Business Model Components
8.Evolution of the Competitive Landscape—Total Home Monitoring Market
Evolution of the Competitive Landscape—Total Home Monitoring Market
Market Landscape
Competitive Market Structure
Market Landscape Evolution
Vendor Landscape Evolution
9.Key Companies to Watch—Total Home Monitoring Market
Key Companies to Watch—Total Home Monitoring Market
Geob International
Honeywell Life Care
Omron Healthcare
Philips Healthcare
Roche Diagnostics
Tunstall Healthcare
Vivify Health
10.Growth Opportunities—Total Home Monitoring Market
Growth Opportunities—Total Home Monitoring Market
Home Monitoring Growth Opportunity Areas
Holistic Home Monitoring
Emerging Payment Model
Vertical Market Opportunities
Home Monitoring Market Transformation

11.Conclusion & Future Outlook—Total Home Monitoring Market
Conclusion & Future Outlook—Total Home Monitoring Market
How will Patient Monitoring Evolve to Smart Healthcare-as-a Service?
2020 Outlook for Home Monitoring in APAC
What will the Future Ecosystem Look Like?
Legal Disclaimer
12.Appendix I Geographic Outlook
Appendix I Geographic Outlook
Geographic Hotspots
Revenue Forecast by Country
Geographic Outlook
Australia Overview
Australia's Regulatory Landscape
Australia Revenue Forecast
ASEAN Overview
ASEAN's Regulatory Landscape—Singapore
ASEAN's Regulatory Landscape—Malaysia
ASEAN's Regulatory Landscape—Thailand
ASEAN's Regulatory Landscape—Indonesia
ASEAN—Revenue Forecast
China Overview
China's Regulatory Landscape
China—Revenue Forecast
India Overview
India's Regulatory Landscape
India—Revenue Forecast
Japan Overview
Japan's Regulatory Landscape
Japan—Revenue Forecast
South Korea Overview
Regulatory Points—South Korea
South Korea—Revenue Forecast
13.Appendix II Decision Support Database
Appendix II Decision Support Database
Key Economic Indicators
Key Healthcare Indicators
Home Monitoring Market
14.Appendix III Market Engineering Methodology
Appendix III Market Engineering Methodology
Market Engineering Methodology
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